The Walking Dead season 9 : Where Rick and Once they are gone ?

The season 9 of The Walking Dead will carry on without Rick Grimes. Once will come back ? And where have they gone ?

It’s been a few days already and that Rick Grimes has gone from the small screen for good. The airing of the episode 5 of season 9 of The Walking Dead marked the departure of Andrew Lincoln, and thus of Rick Grimes, the cult series that aired on AMC. And even if we now know that Rick will be back in 3 films, this did not stop us to ask us where Once and are gone. It is known only that Once was in contact with another community for a little while, and that she had to bring back a person “A” or “B” in order to be able to climb into the helicopter. It has therefore decided to take Rick, a “B”, in order to save her life.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Où Rick et Jadis sont-ils partis ?

Where are they going ?

The big question remains of knowing where the helicopter is heading. The theory of the Commonwealth has been recalled many times due to the technologies that have the contacts Once. In fact, several years after the apocalypse, the latter always had something to fly a helicopter, while Rick and his group have returned to the use of carts. Moreover, the Commonwealth has happened in the comics and its leader, Pamela, has the air of resemblance with Georgie which was introduced in the season 8 of The Walking Dead. It was therefore possible that this marks the beginning of the discovery of a whole new community, more advanced and more important than those we’d seen so far.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Où Rick et Jadis sont-ils partis ?

Who is this group ?

However, since we know that we will not see Rick in the series, we doubt that it is party to the Commonwealth, we hope to see adapted in the next episodes or the next season. In addition, it is the Commonwealth, the latter should not be too far away from other communities and it would therefore be strange that Rick has not managed to reach Alexandria in just 6 years. We thus imagine that Rick and Once will be taken to a community far from Washington, established in another place of United States. We already know that Rick will survive, we can deduce that they also have medical equipment and enough resources to feed new recruits that they seek diligently. But it will have to unfortunately wait until at least the first film The Walking Dead to know exactly where Rick will spend the next few years of his life.