The war between Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, Halsey climbs, Cardi B fall… The Billboard Hot 100 for the week

Check out the ranking of best-selling singles in the United States this week.

One makes the point as every week on the ranking of best-selling singles in the United States. Ariana Grande takes back its throne as it pricks the first place of Travis Scott and his “Sicko” Mode. It is the first with “Thank U, Next” , which is breaking records on YouTube. The rapper is, therefore, to the second place in this ranking. Halsey earns a move to the third position in the ranking with “Without Me”. Marshmello and Bastille are fourth with “Happier”. Like the previous week, Mariah Carey made an incredible comeback with “All I Want For Christmas”. The tube exits from the fourteenth up to find himself seventh.

We continue with Cardi B – who does that fall with his many titles. “Girls Like You” with Maroon 5 ‘s eleventh losing two places and his song “Money” is 28th. She is also 42nd with “I Like It” and it loses 11 seats. Ariana Grande always climbs with “Breathin” , as it is twelfth in the ranking. The group 5 Seconds of Summer is fourteenth with “Youngblood”. Post Malone drops down four steps with “Better Now” : it is fifteenth. In the rest of the music news of the week, we advise you to discover Sigrid and his hit “Sucker Punch” : this is the #Soundcheck of the week.