The writers of “home Alone” surprised viewers

Сценаристы «Один дома» удивили зрителей

The creators of “home Alone” revealed the shocking truth: the famous scene from the cult Comedy was fake.

American actor and screenwriter Seth Rogen surprised fans of “home Alone”, revealing the truth about one of the most famous scenes of the film. We are talking about the passage in which the protagonist Kevin, performed by young Macaulay Culkin watching an old black and white film in the hotel, commenting on what is happening on the screen.

Rogen wrote on his Twitter that the same scene from the film “Angels with dirty souls”, which looks on the TV Kevin was not present. According to the writer, this excerpt was filmed especially for home Alone.

Comedy authors admitted that they wanted to make the illusion of a real movie, “Angels with dirty faces” in 1938.

Many fans of the movie admit that was shocked by this confession, because I love this scene. Among them were some celebrities, including the actor Chris Evans.

“All my childhood I thought this old movie that Kevin watches in solitude, actually existed and was just an old movie,” — he said, writes the