Theft of panties: the alleged victims multiply

The court rejected, on Tuesday, the request for provisional release of the inhabitants accused of stealing women’s panties. Moreover, Le Droit learned that other women have approached the Gatineau police in recent days, in this case to say the least unusual and disturbing.
L has Anouk Desaulniers judge ordered Mason Vachon, 28, remains behind bars awaiting trial. The magistrate spoke of the public’s confidence in the justice and safety of the alleged victims, who live in the same neighborhood.

Tuesday, The Law published other disturbing details that transpired from the investigation of the release of this troubled man.

Presumed thief panties: a disguise disguise

This media coverage alerted other alleged victims, who recognized an unfortunately familiar situation.

While the Gatineau police evoked a half-dozen victims in early July, it now speaks of more than twenty people raped in their privacy, we learned.

The victims – all women or teenagers – mostly reside in the Masson-Angers area. The facts occurred between 2018 and 2019, although it is not excluded that other incidents occurred earlier.

According to the Crown, the accused stole not only panties on clotheslines, but left a written note to the women asking them to leave more next time, offering to pay them.

But the case went much further, discovered the Gatineau police. Le Gatinois followed and filmed women at their workplaces and at their private residences, flying underwear and swimsuits, in order to disguise themselves.

He published very intimate images of women on pornographic sites, without their knowledge.

According to the evidence, he contacted some victims by courier, to show them the jerseys and underwear he had stolen from them.

Other images captured in his electronic devices show that he sometimes filmed the inside of the houses.

The individual is charged with possession of child pornography, criminal harassment, theft, nudity in a public place, mischief, voyeurism, luring of a minor, and transmission of images without the consent of others.

Justice Desaulniers stated that the evidence submitted in the release hearing seemed overwhelming.

She emphasized the “unusual and disturbing nature” of this story, as well as the repetition of the alleged actions of the accused.

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