There will soon be Crowd-Lined

Il y aura bientôt Foule à La Bordée

Il y aura bientôt Foule à La Bordée

A model representing the project of photographic wall <em>Crowd</em>.


June 3, 2020 9: 24


There will soon Crowd The Lined

Il y aura bientôt Foule à La Bordée

Il y aura bientôt Foule à La Bordée

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun

Large gatherings are still banned in the spring of COVID-19, but the team Lined conviera shortly a mob on its back wall, courtesy of the duo art Atwood.

After Wartin Speechless, Eric LeBlanc and Jean-François Bolduc, will take part in the next season to a residency program in visual arts offered by the theatre of the rue Saint-Joseph. It will be launched in October by the unveiling of the mural, photographic Crowd, which will bring together 20 giant portraits of citizens of diverse backgrounds living in the city centre of Quebec.

“At night, a projection of a videomapping will brighten every face and will reveal their issues intimate in their accolant direct quotes from parts of seasons past or to come, thus showing the part of the drama experienced by these actresses and actors of the real”, one can read in a press release detailing the project.

The residents of the borough of La Cité-Limoilou, “but also” to all those who feel at home part-time or distance” are invited to get involved in the project and to be part of the Crowd by investing a large 10 ¢ of their economies. The symbolic contribution, but that could still give a boost in the creation of the work, may be made on the site of sociofinancement The hive.

Le Soleil

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