Theresa may has set a hard ultimatum for Brexit

Терезе Мэй поставили жесткий ультиматум по Brexit

Терезе Мэй поставили жесткий ультиматум по Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa may delivered an ultimatum for Brexit. So, the British politician was put before quite a controversial choice.

According to The Daily Telegraph, may political future is under threat after failed vote in the British Parliament on the deal on Brexit. So, conservatives can support the EU deal, if may prematurely resign. It is assumed that the Mei should leave the post in may-July that the successor can start a new phase of negotiations, if Brexit will be delayed.

We will remind, this week the UK Parliament voted for the transfer of Brexit at a later date. The withdrawal of Britain from the EU is likely to be postponed at least until June 30, if may convince deputies of the need to maintain agreement with the Brussels deal.

The House of Commons of the Parliament for the second time rejected the agreement out of the EU, this time with the changes that Theresa may on 11 March, agreed with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Recall, January 15, the lower house of the British Parliament for the first time did not support the draft agreement on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, coordinated by the government Theresa may with the official Brussels. Against voted 432, 202 parliamentarian.

January 30 British MPs during the vote for the amendments for the country’s exit from the EU approved two proposals, but rejected five. Among the rejected is an amendment which provided for the postponement of Brexit. And the head of the European Council Donald Tusk said that Brussels will not revise the agreement on the terms of withdrawal of Britain from the EU.

In late February, the British Parliament adopted a rule which allows you to move the Brexit. The deputies will be able to support the postponement after several ballots.

Meanwhile, Scotland and Wales has opposed the transaction Brexit. In Scotland believe that the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa may will cause serious damage.

And in the European Parliament allow the transfer of Brexit. The deadline of a British exit from the European Union may become the beginning of July 2019, however, the British must call a good reason for the delay.