These films were not imp’ in spoilant everything from the trailer

Ces films ont fait n’imp’ en spoilant tout dès le trailer

Surprise ! Oh well…

Some friends I spoilent the end of the films, I can understand. If you’re sucks one day, you’re sucks always. But now, I’d like that one explained to me the interest that the teams of the movies have to reveal all the plots in their trailer. Would this be voluntary ? Style : “Good, Bradley freakin to freakin ‘ make me a trailer of shit, and a cup of coffee. Thanks.” However, some works in the list below are real success stories, then laziness or error, we will never know. In any case, it has drunk.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Not need to be a detective to crazy to understand from the trailer that Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Khan (hidden behind the character of John Harrison). Elementary !

Free Willy

While there, we play our champions of the world. They have not spoilé scenes from the film, no, they showed the end. Nickel. Nothing to add.

Terminator 2

In the first Terminator, it was thought that the robot was neither more, nor less than a weapon of war without a soul. One would have to be moved in the second if we had not known before, thanks to the announcement trailer, that the character was in fact a gentile.


Which is good in a a history of hostage-taking, such as this one, it is to be in held in halène until the end to find out if the victims are doing or not. It is not the opinion of the editors, who have preferred to show the concerned alive and safe, in the trailer.

Batman VS Superman (dawn of Justice)

Base, the film was not intended to be an incredible success. But if, in addition, the editors reveal the villain AND all the scenes more cool in the trailer… It was without hope, and desolate.

Dragons 2

This cartoon sends heavy, nothing to say. It is not at all the worst of the classification because the trailer doesn’t reveal really any, just, we would have liked to be surprised by the reunion between Harold and his mom.


And thank you for having balanced all the action scenes of the film, directly in the trailer for an action movie it’s not bad. Without forgetting to tell us the whole plot of the story, of course, otherwise it’s not funny.


The word “suspense” is probably dead with the trailer for GoldenEye. We know immediately that the villain is 006 and if you know a bit about Sean Bean (the actor who interprets it), we know that his character is going to die, it is a rule. It’s still a great movie.

Shutter Island

I grant you, if you haven’t seen the movie, you find it hard to discern the end of the story in the trailer. But they could have done a little more attention in order not to reveal the madness of the main character, at this point.

Spider-Man 3

Clearly on the podium, Spider-Man 3, we clearly announces in the trailer that the uncle of the hero was killed by the villain Sandman. Clever, very clever.