These questions arise even on Bird Box

We have already seen the film several times, but unless you have the right to a sequel, it has little hope of getting the answers to our questions !

Bird Box does it need a continuation at Netflix ? This is the question that many people ask, but for the moment nothing has been announced. We really liked the film carried by Sandra Bullock and the film’s plot we put in all our states. If the end offers a satisfying conclusion, there is still a lot of mysteries to be elucidated. Attention, if you have not yet seen the film, there is a risk of you spoiler so be warned… On the other hand, if you know the answers to these questions, or if you have any theories, please do not hesitate to share them with us !

There are-t-he one or more creatures ?

Ces questions que l'on se pose encore sur Bird Box

Since the director has decided not to show and this causes a chaos world, it is not known if humanity is to fight against one or more creatures. Is it a single entity which is able to occur (almost) anywhere and at any time or are they several to track down the people who do not have blindfolded ? In any case, alone or in a group, the creatures are effective !

Where do they come from ?

Ces questions que l'on se pose encore sur Bird Box

If Charlie offers us an explanation that seems logical, by stating that the end of humanity is there and the creatures come to judge us, we can’t help but wonder if what he tells is the truth or if it is any other. These creatures could be extra-terrestrial ? Have other powers ? Are they immortal ? Indestructible ?

That show creatures ?

Ces questions que l'on se pose encore sur Bird Box

It is a bit confusing when you think about it ! If some people see their worst nightmare materialize in front of them, a bit like the character of Sarah Paulson, who seems to be frightened, others to hear the voices of loved ones missing. But how do these visions do they work exactly ? If our worst fears were manifesting before our eyes, we would no doubt more eager to flee than to die ? And if the voices of our loved ones talking to them, we would be sad obviously, but it does we would not want to die. Another question, the death does not seem painful since people don’t shout when they die. Strange is it not ? We never lived it, but to burn alive in a car it has to be extremely evil…

Can we defeat them ?

Ces questions que l'on se pose encore sur Bird Box

Is there a way to eliminate these creatures whose mission is to destroy humanity ? The only solution is to abandon the view ? One wonders if the creatures have a weakness, if they fear something that Man could use to his advantage ?

Why are they not in homes ?

Ces questions que l'on se pose encore sur Bird Box

You’ve no doubt noticed while watching the film, the characters are safe as long as they are inside a house, a building, a store. But why ? Creatures, powerful as they seem to be, should know how to take a door or be able to show up at the wake, at the foot of the bed ? Like, if they are capable of acting through a screen, we do not understand why a simple wall protects the people… The answer lies in the book ?

Are there more shelters ?

Ces questions que l'on se pose encore sur Bird Box

Having regard to the test that must cross Malorie and her two small to reach the refuge (an event that has resulted in one of the scenes the most heart-wrenching of the film, one wonders if there was not a closer. We are certain that there are other survivors and ask them if they have found refuge in schools/institute for the blind where if other countries have found other solutions to allow survivors to protect themselves from the creatures.

Where are the other characters ?

Ces questions que l'on se pose encore sur Bird Box

Finally, one cannot help but have a little thought for all the characters that were in the house at the beginning of the film and who, for one reason or another, have decided to leave. Have they survived ?