Thibault Garcia (LMvsMonde3) request Jessica Thivenin in marriage, one thing disturbs it

When his proposal of marriage, a small detail has disturbed Thibault Garcia and it tells you everything below.

Currently on vacation in New York, Thibault Garcia has made his proposal of marriage to Jessica Thivenin and the video was unveiled on the social networks ! An amazing marriage proposal that was worthy of a romantic movie, even if a small detail has disturbed Thibault Garcia… The latter is then explained on his account Snapchat : “As you may have noticed on the social networks, my sweetheart told me yes. At the base, I wanted it to be an intimate moment between us. I didn’t want it to be filmed, but we were paparazziés. I have long understood that privacy no longer existed”.

Thibault Garcia (LMvsMonde3) demande Jessica Thivenin en mariage, une chose le perturbe

But finally, Thibault Garcia is glad to have a memory of this marriage proposal and this is not Jessica Thivenin that will contradict it, because it rocks : “I’m so happy I have the video. Thank you to the girls who have filmed and I have waited to give me the video.” We also thank the people who filmed the scene, since we were able to discover and witness a beautiful marriage proposal ! We also took the opportunity to send them all our congratulations ! And if not, know that just before this request, Thibault Garcia has dredged up another girl in front of Jessica !