Thibault Garcia married Jessica Thivenin, he shared a photo that makes you dream

Thibault Garcia just share a very nice photo of him and Jessica Thivenin and we offer you to discover below.

If Jessica Thivenin is increasingly criticized on the social networks to have done too much cosmetic surgery, the couple that it forms with Thibault Garcia still find it very interesting the internet ! And we still have the proof on Instagram, since the young woman has recently reached the 3, 6 million followers and becomes the candidate of reality tv the most popular on the social network ! For its part, Thibault Garcia also had a lot of success and we were able to see through the last picture that it comes to share on Instagram which has garnered more than 112 000 likes in 6 hours !

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A publication shared by Thibault G (@thibaultgarcia) on 7 Jan. 2019 at 11 :03 am PST

Currently on vacation in the Maldives with a couple of friends, Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin we put full eyes with the beautiful photos they post regularly on social networks. And the one just above is very certainly the most beautiful that they have been able to do on this trip ! But the holidays are not yet over… And before you can discover the result of their stay in the Maldives, be aware that Alix Princes and Princesses of Love season 2 is super hot girlfriend with the ex of Benjamin Samat, her boyfriend… This is pretty amazing !