This is Us season 3 : Episode 2, Randall devastated and Rebecca died of anxiety, our verdict

While Kate was arguing with her mother, she seems to have broken the heart of his brother in episode 2 of season 3 of This is Us. Check out our verdict of “the Philadelphia Story” !

It is not always easy to find her place in this world, and the members of the family Pearson have understood it well. Last week, the Season Premiere of season 3 of This is Us, offered two twists surprising to Randall and Jack. Yesterday evening, all were back for our greatest pleasure and most of all, for new revelations. The beginning of melty reveals, without further ado, his criticism of the episode 2 of season 3 of This is Us. “A Philadelphia Story” opens on Rebecca, shortly after the death of Jack. However, she is happy for Randall, which is received at Howard. As for Kate, if she is pleased for his brother, the university seems no longer to interest him. In the present, Randall recovers Already at the school. She confesses to him that his old school and his old friends, he was lacking. She seems to think that this school is a little too “white” and that this will be difficult to make friends. For his part, Kevin is stressing for the premiere of his film and would like Zoe accompanies it. However, they are only at the beginning of the relationship, and the cousin of Beth does not necessarily serious. During this time, Kate and Toby are excited about IVF, but intend to keep this little secret to themselves for the moment. In a flashback, we find William, who is trying to make it eager to help but a young woman, chi-Chi, sends it to a walk. In the present, Randall is found at the recreation center where her biological father and his neighbours gathered for celebrations. He hoped that Already and the daughter of chi-Chi, Sky, will be able to hear each other and become friends. For the moment, it seems that this is on the right path. He notes that the centre is deteriorating, and will attempt throughout the day to resolve the issue tirelessly.

This is Us saison 3 :  Episode 2, Randall dévasté et Rebecca morte d'inquiétude, notre verdict

The secret of Toby and Kate has been unveiled

In the past, Rebecca and his children visit a new house. If the voice of her husband’s reasoning in her head, she does not seem convinced by the well. It is at this moment that Kate admits that she never sent the tape of his audition to the university and that it does not plan to repeat the experience in This is Us. While everyone is preparing for the premiere, Toby seems to feel more and more the side effects of stopping her antidepressants. And as if that wasn’t enough, Miguel discovers and reveals unwittingly that Kate is trying IVF. In a flashback, as the baby of her neighbor does not stop crying, William knocked at his door but instead of complaining, he brings her dinner. Chi-chi explains to him that she is nigerian and that she was married but her husband died before they could join the United States as they dreamed. William then invites to the celebration of his 5 years of sobriety in order to make meetings. Chi-chi seems not interested but offer to his neighbor to hold her baby in her arms, which delighted the biological father of Randall. Later, the young woman decides to go to the feast and hear the magnificent speech of William. A few years after, these people have become the family of chi-Chi. In the past, Randall confronts her mother to know if she has noticed that Kevin is drunk half the time and that Kate takes refuge in the food. He accuses her of lying when she assured that she will take things in hand and that all will be well. Rebecca confesses to Kate and Toby that she is worried about the risks they are taking. As they arrive at Kevin, Kate and Rebecca continue to argue about the IVF. “I’m the only one in this family to be able to wear a little bit of dad”, ended it by saying, what hurts Kevin. Toby finally shut up all the world : “This is not about you Rebecca, this is about Kate and me !”

In the past, Rebecca confides to Randall that she and Jack had visited a house shortly before the fire broke out. The young woman did not want to move, and now, she wondered if her husband would still be alive if she had made the decision to do so. Later, chi-Chi explained to Randall that even if she found a lot of William in him, he is not like them. The husband of Beth has always been so hard to find its place. At first, Kevin admits that he is not upset about what Kate said but that he would have liked that, one day, their father sees play because it was the only one who took it seriously. Randall, meanwhile, is devastated by the remarks of his sister ! Rebecca and Kate make peace when the young woman is in need of her hormone injection. Rebecca says she is paralyzed at the idea that he could get something bad to his daughter and apologizes for not having reacted when she started to gain weight. Kate is concerned about the excessive anger of Toby while Zoe seems to finally consider something serious with Kevin. Finally, Randall decides to finally stay with his family and not to go to Howard… “A Philadelphia Story” was a good episode of This is Us, much more sober and discreet than the Season Premiere. He remained focused on the characters without the shedding of tears, which is a good thing for our little heart. The series also knows how to do it in detention, and has proven to us that it succeeds brilliantly. It should be noted the performance of Mandy Moore is very fair and touching so that it is always a pleasure to see William, perfectly played by Ron Cephas Jones. While waiting to regain the Pearson next week, also discover if the new series A Million Little Things is also touching that This is Us.