This is Us season 3 : Episode 3, good news for Kate and a great decision for Randall, our verdict

While Randall took a big decision, Kate has been operated on in episode 3 of season 3 of This is Us. Check out our critique of the “Katie Girls” !

Kate was in the spotlight this week ! If in episode 2 of season 3 of This is Us, Randall was devastated and Rebecca died of worry about her daughter, Kate decided to go to the end of her IVF to have a chance to become a mother. How was the intervention ? That happened in Pearson ? The beginning of melty reveals his critique of episode 3 of season 3 of This is Us. “Katie Girls” opens on Rebecca when she was a child. The mother of the Big 3 grew up alongside a mother who was the perfect housewife, but the woman Jack was not made for that. Then there is his encounter with Alan, the man who kissed him when Jack paid him back his jacket ! For his part, the father of Kate, Kevin, and Randall could not bear the way his own father treated his mother and was responsible for the disappearance of his brother. Jack then launches an ultimatum to his mother, either they leave, or he kills his father. This is what is called an introduction to dramatic ! We find the Big 3 at the front-the first of Kevin. The film touching the audience and the actor gets a round of applause. Later, Randall confronts Kate about the fact that he would not keep Jack. The young woman tries to explain but Randall is accused of attempting a complex and hazardous, instead of adopting a child who needs it. The tone goes up and the poor Kate is tearful in season 3 of This is Us. A week later, while Randall always tries to convince councilman Brown to look after the community centre, Beth advises her to apologize to Kate. The latter, however, has the impression that everyone is acting as if she was going to die. Randall understands that she is scared and decides to travel to Los Angeles for the support.

This is Us saison 3 :  Episode 3, une bonne nouvelle pour Kate et une grande décision pour Randall, notre verdict

Rebecca and Jack are given a chance

During an interview with Terry Gross, Kevin realizes that he knows nothing about the experience of his father in Vietnam. He confesses to Zoe that he finds it strange that he does not know anything about it but especially that he had never asked questions. He decided to begin research on his father and remembers that Jack was ready to talk to him but he had not had the curiosity to know more. It can now count on Zoe for help. For its part, Beth is fired because of budget problems. The young woman is obviously devastated by the news. To the block, Kate is asleep when she is faced with herself, Kevin and Randall to the maternity ward. She saw an empty bed in the name of “Damon Pearson” when Kate, a teenager confesses to him that she should not have a baby. It took 20 years to decide to take over a dog, can she really raise a child ? She then sees a younger version of herself and.. Jack. You have to admit that we dreamed of this reunion ! In the past, then that Rebecca buys some champagne, it falls on Jack. He confesses to him that he had returned to give him his jacket but he saw her in the arms of another man. Rebecca apologizes and then tells him that she went to New York to pursue his dream. For his part, Jack says that he simply wants his mother to get well, find a decent job and have a beautiful happy family. Kate takes more time than expected to wake up, it seems good in his dream alongside his father. But finally, she decides not to listen to his version of a teenager, and prefers to remain optimistic. She said goodbye to her father and finally wakes up. Randall apologizes and her sister affirms to him : “You have so much of dad in you. The doctor has good news, they were able to retrieve 8 eggs in season 3 of This is Us.

This is Us saison 3 :  Episode 3, une bonne nouvelle pour Kate et une grande décision pour Randall, notre verdict

Kevin has amazed his family

Rebecca confesses to the mother of Alan that she knows that her boyfriend will not make her a woman who waits all day for her husband to get home from work but she has met someone else. She thinks that he would support just as much, and that even if she does not know really, she has a good feeling about it. In this, Randall has to go back immediately. Sky, the daughter of chi-Chi, is attacked and is very uncomfortable. The husband of Beth promises to his mother that he will do his best for things to change ! He then asked his wife that he wants to be a super hero like his father and that he decided to run against Brown. Beth tries to keep the promise she had made to William to take care of it and announces to her husband that she has been transferred. But Randall is able to take care of his wife instead of playing the hero with the other ? During this time, Kevin wrote a letter to a certain Mr. Robinson, a veteran who has known his father and who seems surprised to hear from her. Finally, Rebecca finds Jack and assures him that Alan is up to his past. Then she sees him take care of the household chores, it proves that she has had the good intuition. She suggested he move to Los Angeles, and Jack agrees ! “Katie Girls” has managed to once again convince us. It was a very good episode, very well put together, that renouait with the side very emotional in This is Us , and offered many twists and turns. It is very pleasing to see more timelines in the show. We also appreciated the hint of optimism brought by Kate this week. Before you find a new episode on the 16th October next, find out also what he must not miss this week in series of Charmed to The Haungting of Hill House, passing through Riverdale !