This is Us season 3 : Episode 5, Toby cracks and Kevin discovers a new secret about Jack, our verdict

Toby has suffered the terrible effects of the shutdown of its medicines in the episode 5 of season 3 of This is Us. Check out our critique of the “Toby” !

After the introduction of the plot of the Vietnam war in the episode 4 of season 3 of This is Us where Jack went to the rescue of his brother, it is Toby who was put in the honor, yesterday evening, in the hit series from NBC. In order to put all chances on his side to become a father, the husband of Kate had stopped his antidepressants. But it had far-reaching consequences. The beginning of melty reveals his criticism of the episode 5 of season 3 of This is Us. “Toby” opens, of course, the husband of Kate, but when he was a child. The atmosphere at home was far from being in good shape, he was already a child very anxious. It is found adult with Kate. Several weeks after her operation, the young woman has a one and only chance to be pregnant. In the past, Randall and Kevin prepare to go to the prom, but Kate seems to prefer the zapper. The two boys and Sophie go to Alison. If the mother of the girl is welcoming the father is much less because the boyfriend of his daughter is black. Zoe has the same feel as it confronts the gaze of a cashier who didn’t think she could accompany Kevin. Back in the present, Randall is preparing for his campaign against Brown, while Beth has won a maintenance, both coach and we love to see support like that. While Kevin and Zoe are about to visit Robinson, Toby remains a rock for Kate, but it is obvious that it did not go well. He goes to a pharmacy to be able to resume his antidepressants but it seems that he should visit his doctor to repeat prescribe. However, Toby doesn’t want Kate to know that he stopped it. If chi-Chi has helped Randall to arrange a meeting between him and the people of the 12th district, it is now the husband of Beth of play. If he is doing well at the beginning, the locals seem to very much enjoy Ground Brown.

This is Us saison 3 :  Episode 5, Toby craque et Kevin découvre un nouveau secret sur Jack, notre verdict

Kevin has sought answers about the past of his father

From his side, Kate gives a private concert and bluffing his audience. She confesses that when sad things happen to him, it has a tendency to dismiss the music… That is why for almost 40 years, it has not drilled and plays the look-alike of Adele. Elsewhere, Robinson and Kevin share memories, the actor refuses a drink and explains that his father had had a drinking problem and wondered if this had anything to do with what he experienced during the Vietnam war. “He was not a mechanic. He was a staff sergeant of the 3rd squad of Alpha company”, reveals to him the old soldier. He confesses to Kevin that he does not have the answers he seeks, and that these responses may be so dark that it is sometimes better not to have them. During this time, Zoey confides in the wife of Robinson. Kevin is the first white man she is dating seriously. She doesn’t know if she wants to spend her time to explain what it is to be black to be a movie star white. It would seem, however, that it is ready to handle this because the actor is”worth”. Through several flashbacks, we see Toby fight against clinical depression after the departure of his father, or after his break-up with Josie. Thanks to the encouragement of his mother, he was able to resume his life in the hand thanks to medical treatment and various meetings, including the one where he met Kate. This last was a great news today ! She announces to her husband that it worked, she is pregnant. However, Toby collapses , but it would seem to have confessed the truth to his wife who will now have to be his rock.

After the failure of the discourse of Randall, a restaurateur explains to him what that Brown has done for them and assures : “We do owe him our loyalty, we owe him our lives !” The man advises Randall to return to where it “belongs”. This is one of the most important themes in the season 3 of This Is Us. Randall is in search of his identity, he is born of two worlds but not really its place in any of the two. Later, Beth tells Randall that she was assured during his interview, but in reality she broke down in tears. Throughout the episode in flashbacks, we saw Miguel fold into 4 for Pearson following the death of Jack. Rebecca thanked him for taking care of them. Back to Miguel in the company of Jack, the latter had made a promise to his best friend to take care of his family, what he has done very well. Finally, Robinson looks back on her decision and hands over the letters from Jack to Kevin. The latter then finds a photo of a young woman is wearing the necklace that Jack had given to his son ! This adds a new plot that we can’t wait to discover ! “Toby” was a good episode but unusually messy because the different scenarios had no idea unifying. The storyline of the past, Jack does not cease, however, we capture while we were especially moved by the superb performance of the performer, Toby, Chris Sullivan. We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, October 30, to find a new episode. In the meantime, check out also what he must not miss in a series this week of the new adventures of Sabrina at Legacies !