This is Us season 3 : Episode 7, when will it be released ?

Episode 7 of season 3 of This is Us, titled “Sometimes”, was not aired this week on NBC. But then when will the family Pearson ?

On Tuesday night, Pearson has not responded to their weekly appointment on NBC with the fans This is Us. Indeed, no episode of the series has been broadcast on the channel. The u.s. elections mid-term, determining the seats in Congress and the Senate, were to be held this Tuesday, November 6, and many shows have not been released to make room for a special evening devoted to the event. The good news is that it does not want to wait too long before getting back to Jack, Rebecca and the Big 3. The family Pearson will return as soon as Tuesday, November 13, for three consecutive weeks before the winter break. In episode 6 of season 3 of This is Us, Kevin was a great decision while Randall had a new hope for the progress of his campaign. But, while we reserve the result of the series next week ?

This is Us saison 3 :  Episode 7, quand sera-t-il diffusé ?

Nicky will be back in This is Us

In “Sometimes”, Kevin and Zoe will arrive in Vietnam to follow in the footsteps of Jack. Thus, the story of the father of the Big 3 and his brother Nicky in Asia will continue to reveal new secrets in season 3 of This is Us. In the past, Jack and Rebecca will embark on a road too up in Los Angeles. The two lovebirds getting along perfectly well, but the young woman will quickly come to realize that her boyfriend is the victim of terrible nightmares. Jack will always be haunted by his experience during the war. Is he confided to Rebecca, or will remain mysterious about it ? We give you a rendez-vous on Tuesday 13 November to find this new episode of season 3 of This is Us. In the meantime, check out also what he must not miss this week in a series of You (Perfect) to The Walking Dead.