Thomas (Angels 11) : Reunion with Marvin, her relationship with Léana, absence of Sarah Fraisou… it says It all (EXCLUDED)

Thomas Angels 11 tells us all about his adventure in Marrakech ! The candidate balance on LPDLA6, his relationship with Aurélie Dotremont and his desire to stop The holiday of the Angels…

Toto, it is the blood of NRJ12 and for the past several years, the candidate is needed as an angel to be indispensable for the chain ! While you are unveiled on melty the replay of the Angels 11 with Aurélie Dotremont who loves Julien Guirado and Astrid, which can be explained with Marvin, Thomas confides in excluded on the end of the eventful adventure. Very cash, the marseille has revealed why he has hesitated to make The Angels 11, her relationship with Marvin has made its entry into The Angels 11 and clashed with Illan in the images censored as well as his future in reality tv… check out her full interview below !

Thomas (Les Anges 11) : Retrouvailles avec Marvin, son couple avec Léana, absence de Sarah Fraisou... Il dit tout (EXCLU)

melty : Hello ! How’s it going ?

Thomas, candidate of Angels 11 : Well and you ?

melty : You’re back in The Angels 11. Why have you accepted this show ?

Thomas : Why do you say that I’m back in The Angels ? I never left ! Rather, it is that the trick?!

melty : You had said you wouldn’t come back may not be in the program this year…

Thomas : It’s true ! This decision had matured in my head after the adventure that I lived in The holiday Angels 3. It was a beautiful adventure, but that was hard for me at the end and I thought I would make The Angels, really. I had the tracks in order to integrate other programs…

melty : You weren’t afraid to find Léana in The Angels 11 ?

Thomas : I’m not scared of two things, the first is my mom, the second is the good God… The rest, I don’t give a fuck ! I’m afraid I find dégun and frankly Léana it is a story more than in the past. To find people who are not sincere, who have nothing in the lemon, and which are bad, it does not make me afraid. I do not compute !

melty : what can you tell us more about this first part of the season in Marrakech ?

Thomas : This new adventure is completely new and simply edgy ! It has made the launch of this first part and it was heavy. It was the best beginning of all the adventures that I have made, especially as the concept was completely different. I was planning to leave and just do my project pro, but we also had a mission, find with Fabrice angels anonymous worthy of the name. When we say angel anonymous we don’t want a person’s performance in his project pro but also someone with whom we can laugh, live daily. I’m not going to spend several months of filming with someone who will not tumble in a word and which has not delirium ! It was very complicated, original and super, we had the print sponsor of small arrivals.

melty : as anonymous, is it hard to make his place in The Angels ?

Thomas : reality tv has taken a large scale in recent years, it is very hard to find his place and, in particular, for people who are beginning and wondering if they are really cut out for it. There we guided the angels anonymous because it is very hard, especially as The Angels it is the Champions League of the tv-reality, whatever one may say. It is the 11th edition, it is implanted for a long time and I’m an angel, I am fighting for this program that I love !

melty : Between this first part of the adventure, The vacation of the Angels, or the classic formula, which version of Angels do you prefer ?

Thomas : I have a policy that says that the classics never go out of fashion ever. It is true that the formula of the Angels classic it is the best, The holiday of the Angels I hate this adventure… I am not may not be done for The holidays ! This new concept is very interesting and I think it’s nice to give the chance to anonymous who want to be angels. I wish all the candidates to The Angels and to live to the full his passion. I lived in The Angels 9 and this will remain the best memory of my life !

melty : And this adventure, how have you lived ?

Thomas : In the beginning of the Angels 11 I found this taste so special because I found myself in an adventure that I didn’t want to do, but I agreed to find Aurélie Dotremont, who made his big return and that was all broken. We had the great Dotré and I was very happy to find myself with her, Julien Guirado, too, but it is also risky because I was shooting with my best friends from the outside and when you do a show like this, where it goes or it breaks. Now it has more than slipped I have even taken a taste for adventures !

melty : What did you think of the casting of this show ?

Thomas : I’m going to start by the angels, iconic, their level was huge ! Hillary is no longer present, for me it is one of the best contestants of reality tv with Aurélie Dotremont. It is a true season All Stars ! Beverly I know from the outside, it was huge. There have also been arrivals identified as Marvin, huge ! It has become someone very important to me.

melty : How did you hear about Marvin ?

Thomas : I think that the arrival of Marvin, it was the one I dreaded the most. Not in the sense of the fear of itself, but because I’m very cerebral and I live with my heart and talk about him, it reminds me automatically Léana. I told myself several times that I could not be friends with the ex of my ex, this is contrary to my principles. In the end there are only fools who do not change their opinion… Marvin is very critical and very feared, but it really is rubbish because it is a person with a big heart, a teddy bear. He looks aggressive and nasty but when you know… I really think that a brother is someone you can talk to, who makes you service, who you can trust, on whom you can count, and these are values that are increasingly rare.

melty : This is one of your favorite adventure ?

Thomas : This is my favorite of the adventure ! Aurélie and Guirado I know, Raphael, I’m almost done all of my adventures with him and it’s just as well that he is there because I had a lot of accounts to settle with Raph at the end of Marbella. We were able to put the things flat in Marrakech, it was great.

melty : And your opinion on anonymous ?

Thomas : Some are very interesting… I have the same policy as Julien Guirado, there is room for everyone. Some were very nice but unfortunately other took the wrong box I think. After it takes all kinds to make a world, it was relatively balanced ! There was much posing for what they were not, for the buzz… The problem is that it was a buzz, the flash (Laughter). If you want to pretend to be a lion then you’re a lamb, you will not last long.

melty : can You tell us more ?

Thomas : also On show are real professionals, but also people who were too much in the house, we had a little case with small fans in some moments, it was disturbing… It was tried to train them as well in their projects pro to as angels in the making. Some people have surprises in the good and bad sense of the word… I’ve been fascinated by some of the people who came in on the adventure, hoping to bring down big heads, but in fact it was for small children !

melty : don’t see Sarah Fraisou in the casting to Marrakech surprised us a lot… what you think ?

Thomas : I was very disappointed, especially that for me Fraisou had more than his place on the starting line as us. We will not hide Fraisou this is my friend and despite that it is an angel the entire time, as much as Raphael and me. She does a lot of seasons, it is a very good candidate and I was very disappointed not to see in Marrakech.

melty : a Lot of rumors say that you would put in a relationship with Aurélie Dotremont, is it that you want to respond ?

Thomas : I find that his comments are dirty and inbred ! The Dotré this is my sister and I have a lot of emotion when I talk about it because in this moment I miss her a lot and I made him a big kiss… She says that I am her son because when I made my debut in tv I had fallen on it and was hooked. Unconsciously you promised friendship forever.

melty : speaking of torque, you had entrusted to you in The holiday Angels that you would love to do The Princes and Princesses of Love. You’ve been contacted ?

Thomas : I almost do ! Coming back from Marbella where I had a lot of disappointments during The holiday of the Angels, and I began to do something that I was not getting my phone. It is true that The Princes and Princesses of Love is a program that was holding me really to heart because it is my favorite and in which I would be like a fish in the water ! I was contacted but it was complicated for me because there was Angels 11, and I couldn’t do both. I failed to make The Princes, maybe I will for the next season !

melty : What are your projects, what reality tv show would you like to do ?

Thomas : In reality, what I would like to do is entertain me and I’m only doing it so I keep, necessarily. My project pro in Angels 11 is a big challenge for me because after going on the ring for two seasons, then this time I would be outside as a coach. I want to see if someone will have the courage, the mental strength and technique to do what I have done in the previous aspects, all proportions kept, of course. I would like to train someone to take him in a fight, it can be very dangerous, and I’d like to write this new page.

melty : A last word ?

Thomas : You are the blood (Laughs) !