Thor Ragnarok : Valkyrie, Surtur… The concepts of art reveal of the alternate costumes

Thor Ragnarok : Valkyrie, Surtur... Les concepts art r?v?lent des costumes alternatifs

Thor Ragnarok could be quite different visually. Especially if one believes the concepts of art unveiled Valkyrie, and Surtur !

Thor Ragnarok, it is above all the leg a little crazy of Taika Waititi. A leg that has been able to offer a unique aesthetic to the third adventure of the famous norse God, mainly praised by the spectators. Only here it is : Thor Ragnarok (of which Star Wars has influenced the plot of the film) would have been able to have a visual totally different if one believes the two concepts of art unveiled today. The first relates to the suit of Valkyrie, as portrayed by Tessa Thompson, and has been published by Andy Park, concept artist and supervisor within the Marvel Studio. A result that fans will appreciate !

An early take on Surtur. I thought I could bring the fire demon aesthetic closer to Thor’s world by designing him with twisted and forged metal works reminiscent of fantasy armors. – – – Final Surtur design for the film was done by @aleksibriclot – – – – #thorragnarok #surtur #marvelstudios #marvelcinematicuniverse #fire #armor #demon #conceptart #characterdesign #digitalart #digitalpainting #illustration #conceptdesign

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The second concept art for neither more nor less than the impressive Surtur. With its great destructive force, this violent demon of Asgard has conquered the hearts of more than a Marvel fan. With two large swords of fire, this concept art created by Jackson Sze, illustrator at Marvel, which has everything to delight the aficionados of the universe Thor. Of course, Thor Ragnarok, in which a scene had to reveal the bisexuality of a character, is today what it is, and these concepts art are fantasies. But they at least allow the fans of the film Taika Waititi have something to put under the tooth !