Tigertail : like father, like daughter *** 1/2

Tigertail : tel père, telle fille *** 1/2

Pin-Jui immigrated to the United States with ZhenZhen, the daughter of the boss of the factory where he worked.

April 10, 2020-4: 00 am


Tigertail : like father, like daughter *** 1/2

Tigertail : tel père, telle fille *** 1/2

Eric Moreault

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CRITIQUE / When Alan Yang started writing Tigertail, four years ago, he doubted that his film can see the light of day, even on Netflix. Simply because it featured characters of asian origin. Fortunately, the situation has changed with the success of The farewell (The Farewell), and, especially, of the Parasite for the Oscars. His poignant family drama multi-generational book with a beautiful reflection on the torments of a man who let go of the prey for the shadow when he stops the love of his life.

The man in question, Pin-Jui (Tzi Ma, seen in The farewell) comes to bury his mother in Taiwan, a country he left long ago to immigrate to the United States with ZhenZhen, the daughter of the boss of the factory where he worked.

Without the penny, at the beginning of the twenties, Pin-Jui (Hong-Chi Lee, in the youth version) has tackled Yuan (Yo-Hsing Fang), his true flame.

The viewer will discover, piece by piece, and how to Pin-Jui got there and why he seems to be unable to give the attention she deserves, her daughter Angela (Christine K) — like him too. In fact, every woman in his life — his mother, the woman he loves, the one he mary and his daughter — is a reflection of his personality.

Alan Yang don’t go into his story of the way to the front, preferring the round-trip time to paint, by small keys, the portrait of this man, helpless and bitter which is imprisoned in her memories.

It begins, moreover, Tigertail with sequences of the childhood of Pin-Jui in the rice fields of Taiwan, where he met Yuan. Years later, the pair will recover and live a passion is kindled.

The director filmed in 16 mm with a hand-held camera, warm colors and an aesthetic in homage to the masterpiece In the Mood for Love (2000) Wong Kar-wai.

Tigertail : tel père, telle fille *** 1/2

Pin-Jui will make the encounter of the Yuan, the love of his life, in the rice fields of Taiwan.


This is in stark contrast with this new york-based plans, fixed and washed-out colours, where the divorced living in reminiscence that in his current life of solitude.

At the bottom, one quickly understands that Pin-Jui has sold his soul in swapping love for money — to the side of a woman that he was unconcerned by, he will spend most of his time to flee into the work… which still happens more frequently than we think.

No great thoughts here and a lot of originality, but Alan Yang book with sincerity his observations on the interpersonal relations and its motor: love. The love for his parents, his (her) spouse, his children and, in the latter case, the transmit and the difficulty that we experience sometimes to free ourselves of the behaviors that we reproduce from one generation to the other.

We can blame Tingertail of not much out of the beaten track, remains that it has this ability from a reality that can seem far away from us to tend towards the universal. And to conclude, luminous way, with an open end.

Important Note for those who don’t like sub-titles : the characters express themselves sometimes in mandarin and taiwanese. Others, like me, there will be rather a concern for authenticity and a welcome exoticism.

Tigertail was, before the pandemic of the COVID-19, simultaneously released in cinemas and on Netflix. The film would certainly, to make its subtleties of photographic images, a projection on the big screen. But also do well against bad fortune, kind heart and enjoy it on the site for viewing online.

The generic

Rating : *** 1/2

Title : Tigertail

Genre : Drama

Director : Alan Yang

Actors : Tzi Ma, Christine Ko, Hong-Chi Lee, Yo-Hsing Fang

Duration : 1: 29h

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