Tina Kunaki has published a charming picture as a baby

Тина Кунаки опубликовала очаровательную детскую фотографию

Spouse Vincent Cassel participated in an Instagram marathon.

In Europe quarantined a number of celebrities have launched “family” marathon — in stories need to put funny baby photo and mark on it the friends to whom you pass the virtual “baton”. The initiative was picked up by Tina Kunaki.

The majority of subscribers, who did not know about the initiative on social networks, initially decided that the Friends decided to openly show the photo of your daughter Amazoni and began to admire how the baby looks like mom? But it turned out that adorable baby in the picture — very tiny Tina. Lovely!

I wonder will pick up the initiative of the French actress Adele exarchopoulos wears that Kunaki noted on the frame?

Тина Кунаки опубликовала очаровательную детскую фотографию


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