Titans : Three good reasons to watch the DC series on Netflix

Titans has finally landed on Netflix and you must not miss it !

If we had already made a small criticism of the season premiere of the Titans at the time of its broadcast american, the first season is now available in its entirety on Netflix and this is the perfect opportunity for you to pitch in. You may be thinking : “Yet another series of super hero ?! Personally, it gave me” and it would be a terrible mistake. Titans is clearly worth the shot, especially now that Daredevil has been cancelled, and joined the graveyard with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. We give you three reasons to watch the Titans.

Titans : Trois bonnes raisons de mater la s?rie DC sur Netflix

The team of the Titans
The DC Universe

DC Universe, it is the streaming service of DC available in the US only. Above, you can find all the movies about super heroes from the publisher, including the old Batman movies or Superman, but also the series animated of our childhood like Batman or Justice League, as well as the numerous animated films DC. But as Disney+ account to do so, we will also have a right to a lot of original series and the Titans opened the ball.

Titans : Trois bonnes raisons de mater la s?rie DC sur Netflix

It is not the CW

Arrow and Flash have lost their splendor, and we can be afraid legitimately afraid of taking on another DC series. But it should be understood that the tone is totally different with the Titans, which is far darker and often more graphic and bloody in the fighting. And as Robin is one of the main characters, the series is not afraid to draw from background in the DC universe, speaking of Batman, Wonder Woman and even made to appear of the characters hyper-known big readers of comics as Jason Todd, Donna Troy, or Hawk and Dove.

Titans : Trois bonnes raisons de mater la s?rie DC sur Netflix

The story

Because, in the end, it is all well and good but when you mate a series it is, above all, for his screenplay, and on that side, there’s not too much trouble to do ! It therefore follows Dick Grayson, ex-Robin who no longer wants to work with Batman and is converted in to a detective at the beginning. It is going to handle a case, which revolves around Rachel, a girl with supernatural powers a little lost. This first season is excellent and if this is the quality standard for the series in the DC Universe, we are starting to see other people, even if it is a little more work to do on the special effects.