To each his pad and his two-meter [PHOTOS]

À chacun sa pastille et son deux mètres [PHOTOS]

À chacun sa pastille et son deux mètres [PHOTOS]

It’s back to school time for many primary students under the banner of social distancing.


May 11, 2020 9: 10

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To each his pad and his two-meter [PHOTOS]

À chacun sa pastille et son deux mètres [PHOTOS]

À chacun sa pastille et son deux mètres [PHOTOS]

Normand Provencher

The Sun

In this day of back-to-school is not like the others, on Monday, he floated in the courtyard of the école Saint-Michel, in the neighbourhood of Sillery, a curious mixture of anticipation, excitement and anxiety. Teachers, students and parents were looking for a little their bearings in a world that wasn’t quite the one they had left behind them in mid-march.

Arrive as early as 6 o’clock, after a weekend where “the hamster has not stopped turning”, the director Marie-Andrée Couillard did not hide his excitement at the prospect of reviving his school, after two months.

“There is a lot of apprehension and anxiety, but it is necessary that parents and the public know that we are prepared”, she explains. The word order, it is to welcome the children, to ensure that the instructions are remembered and respected. It was sent last week, a video for young people to tell them how it was going to happen.”


À chacun sa pastille et son deux mètres [PHOTOS]

The visors for the school crossing guards

The Sun, Patrice Laroche

Sixty-six percent of the 459 students arrived at the school Saint-Michel in the day that will mark the spirits. All teachers, except one who asked to continue to telework for personal reasons, are to the position.

In the court, of the colored dots have been painted on the floor. Green for youth in kindergarten; orange for the other. At two meters distance, of course.

Leonard and his brother Henry were the first to arrive, at 7: 20 am. They waited a moment on their tablet respective, a little numb from the cold, before being told to return since they were enrolled in the daycare.

“Then, Leonard, glad to get back to school?” asks the teacher Line Grimard, who keeps an eye on his little world.

“More or less, answers the kid, du tac au tac. We used to stay at home, and there, it changes. We wake up earlier. You have less time to prepare.

“Are you excited to see your friends, even if you not be close?

“Wouain… A chance that I could contact my friend by FaceTime.”

Back into the action

In the first hour, the concierge of the establishment, Jacques Côté, was hard at work. “It is sure that we don’t really know what to expect. This is the first time that it happens, make a back at the end of a school year, but it’s going well. Half of the gymnasium has been transformed into a ballroom for the dinner of the employees, the other half for the service of the guard.”

Lukas Turgeon, a teacher of second year, was happy to get back in front of his class. “I think that the world was really excited to see the students. The day will mainly be to re-establish contact and to teach the new rules of life in the school.”

Christian Perron-Girard, educator at daycare, is of the same opinion. The containment had done its time. “Had to get out of our home. It is a mental health issue. It was necessary that the children come back into action and resume a normal life, quietly not quickly.”

All the staff of the school had at its disposal masks and visors since Friday. Their use was left to the discretion of each individual. Monday, some teachers had decided to wear the mask in the court, two or three students.

Further, rue Sheppard, Francis Brault manages the arrival of the parents and kids to bike. He launches a few sentences of encouragement in both official languages. “Good morning! Have a nice day. We are ready, we are the Knights. We are the Knights“, glisse-t-il at the comers, in reference to the name of the sports team of the school.

“Had to get out of our home. It is a mental health issue. It was necessary that the children come back into action and resume a normal life, quietly not quickly ”

Christian Perron-Girard, educator at daycare

Two school bus is parking nearby. The drivers wear the mask. About a dozen children down without saying a word.

At the corner of the avenue Chanoine-Morel, Chloé Émond, 16 years old, took over until the end of the school year, the crossing guard usual “who could not come because she is too old”. The youth wears a protective peak. “It’s not my choice, it is part of the equipment.”

A little ridiculous

Come back to walk her two children in kindergarten and grade 3, a parent who lives in the area admit not to be a supporter of the reopening of schools, at least not with this approach. “Personally, I find it a bit ridiculous, he says, requesting anonymity. As to open the schools, we should open them for real. We received the schedule and there are just a couple of hours teaching in the morning. Students must eat lunch in their classrooms, from 11am to 12.45 pm, with nothing to do. It is not allowed to play together at daycare. Is it not fit because you do not want to take risks, or we go in and we made the school as it should be, with real schedules, and fun for the students. But we will adapt, we will see what it will give.”

Conversely, Mylène Grondin, mother of the little Zarah, in kindergarten, is a perfect trust in the game plan. “It’s going well, I fear nothing. Everything is clear. The children are well prepared for that.”

A little away, Louise Perron, a resident of the district and teacher “freshly retired” from the school of the Ant-hill of Charlesbourg, notes with interest the running of things. Her son, now 28 years old, has already attended school in Saint-Michel.

“This morning, it was called : I have to go and see what happens. What do you want, a teacher one day, a teacher still. I am very impressed, wow! Everyone is doing super well that. Once inside, I don’t know what it’s going to give, but well… I must admit that I am not unhappy to be retired. I would have not liked it, I would have been nervous.”

Custom home

Slowly, the queue of students which winds its way through the court is shorter. It is almost 8: 30. Posted at the door, a teacher, Mary, is sprayed in small hands with a liquid disinfectant, a task she accomplished in a good mood, between a small word of personal welcome and a gentle warning

“Ah! My beautiful Sophie. Hello, how’s it going my heart? I’m glad to see you, my coco, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen. Give your hands to madam Mary, and rubs. Keep your two feet.”

The court is almost empty. More than a few hands to disinfect. The small Avena, who had joined the school three days before the start of the pandemic, is the last of the queue.

“Did you know that the last shall be first? spear, mrs. Mary.

A moment of silence. “Uh… no.”

Le Soleil

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