To get out of poverty in Quebec

Pour sortir de la pauvreté au Québec

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To get out of poverty, a household consisting of two adults and two children would need 61 009$ to Montreal and 60 280$ in Quebec city.

To get out of poverty by 2020, a household consisting of two adults and two children would need 61 009 $ to Montreal and 60 280 $ in Quebec city, has calculated the IRIS.

Similarly, a household of two adults and two children would need 61 124 $ in Gatineau, 58 249 $ in Sherbrooke, 64 069 $ in Saguenay, 57 $ 900 to Three-Rivers and 66 036 $ in Sept-Îles. In the same vein, a single person would need 27 948 $ in Montreal, from 27 409 $ to Quebec, from 27 682 $ in Gatineau, 24 704 $ in Sherbrooke, 24 083 $ in Saguenay, 24 402 $ Trois-Rivières and 32 682 $ in Sept-Îles.

The Institute of research and socio-economic information, has just published, as it has done every year since 2015, the index of viable revenue. It is an index which allows you to calculate the amount of income a household should have, not only to meet their basic needs, but to help themselves out of poverty by having a little wiggle room.

In an interview Wednesday, the researcher Ève-Lyne Couturier explained that it is an index to calculate the income which allows you to have ” a life of dignity, reasonable “.

This index provides a leeway for the unexpected — water damage, dental care — and add output monthly in a restaurant, new clothes instead of rags, the same that you pay for a coffee, some chocolate from time to time and holidays.


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The shopping basket

The governments instead use the market basket measure (MBM), which is limited to basic needs. The difference between the index of livable income, and the MPC varies from 9000 $ to 26 000 $ according to the type of the household and the city reviewed.

Again, Ms. Couturier explains that the MBM does not measure the bare minimum, the basic needs, while the index of livable income, calculate what it takes to win as a income to get out of poverty.

The crisis of the sars coronavirus has indeed provided water to the mill of the index of livable income, when the Trudeau government implemented the Provision of the canadian emergency (PCU) of $ 2000 per month — a temporary aid. The federal government is thus found to calculate the amount of income required to meet needs that go beyond the bare minimum.

The PCU, “it is a form of minimum income in effect,” stressed Ms. Couturier.

She also noted that this approach of the livable income that the IRIS calculated in the cities of Sherbrooke, Saguenay and Trois-Rivières.

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