To have sex at the time of social distancing

Avoir des relations sexuelles à l’heure de la distanciation sociale

Avoir des relations sexuelles à l’heure de la distanciation sociale


May 24, 2020 4: 00


To have sex at the time of social distancing

Leah Martin

The Sun

At the dawn of a spring déconfiné, singles are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The season of the dredge slowly resumes, but the intimate relationships remain a source of guilt for many.

On the 29th of march last, Tinder recorded more than three billion “swipes” (scan screen), which represents the highest activity ever recorded by the application of encounter since its inception. Even in the midst of global pandemic, the game of the dredge does not break because the human being is an animal sociable to the multiple needs…

For couples, we brought a baby boom next winter and a lot of future small Horacios in child care centres near you.

But for single people, it is the hard line: no question of exchanging any fluid whatsoever. “We expect singles to refrain from having sexual relations or physical contact during the pandemic,” says Eden Fournier, an intervener in sexology, and vice-president of the organization of The 3 sex.

“With the déconfinement, there will be a break from the social pressure to impose on the unmarried, in contrast to individuals in couples ”

Eden Fournier, an intervener in sexology, and vice-president of the organization of The 3 sex

Many will remember the intervention of the Dr. Horacio Arruda on April 7th, where he claimed, with a dash of humour, that monogamy was “better this time”. The singles were definitely the taste of him to reply with the culture of a sudden one evening to find a partner single and stable from the very first appointment is not always a trivial matter.

Think about yourself and protect others

Today, singles are taking more time before choosing a single partner. They shop, learn to know themselves and to know what they want before making the big jump. This is what think of Leah, a student in education of 24 years. “When you make the decision to get in touch with someone, in fact, it is his network that you do enter in you, and vice versa,” she says.

For the young single woman, her next romantic encounters are a source of guilt. Despite his desire for physical contact, she doesn’t want to take ill-considered risks and put his family in danger. “It is that I’m not the only one in the equation, there are, as the Quebec to take into account”, she said with a nervous laughter.

It is a big pressure that is put on the backs of the singles, according to Eden Fournier. “The pandemic has really shown that relationships of people who are single or non-monogamous are seen as non-legitimate or non-important. It has even pointed the finger in the fact of contributing to the pandemic,” she analyzes.

“I’ve been invited to someone’s home there is little time,” says Jérémi, a cellist of 27 years. “I’ve been close to going there, but I didn’t want to be the cellar to TVA news that sent the COVID-19 because of a date, “he says, laughing. If he were to break the rules of detachment, it a priori would be his family rather than an intimate encounter.

Assess risk-taking

From the point of view of Eden Fournier, the pandemic has at least the advantage of opening the discussion on risk-taking in sexual relationships. “I think there’s an interesting parallel to make with the unveiling of STDS when one asks a partner if it has been detected recently. We ask the question, one expects an honest answer and from there, the decision is taken to have a sexual relationship or not.” According to it, the COVID-19 will reopen the dialogue on the transmission of viruses.

For Marianne, a student of 24 years in the environment, it is a major concern. “Normally, kissing or sleeping with someone after the first date, I wouldn’t mind, but I will be more suspicious “, she says. “Let’s say that the person embraces me: is it that she went on other dates? Is it that she has kissed other people? Normally I moquerais, but then I think of my health.”

The lack of dating organic

Since 22 may, small groups of 10 people or less have the right to assemble outside provided they come from three different addresses at the maximum. A directive that will allow the singles more dating, but Viktoriya, psychology student 25 years of age, be concerned when even the lack of opportunities. “There will be fewer opportunities to meet people organically in social situations such as at school or in the evenings”, she says. “Ideally I’d like to meet someone in a social context instead of meeting on the applications, but at the same time, in this moment, we don’t have much of a choice”.

For now, she recommends the appointments to the parks in a picnic or a bike ride at 2 meters distance. “I talked about it with my parents because I live with them, and this virus may be there for the next two years. You may not feel bad to see people for so long, this is not realistic”.

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