To measure the pulse and temperature will be using headphones

Измерить пульс и температуру можно будет при помощи наушников

New AirPods wireless headphones from the us Apple will be equipped with sensors that will detect body temperature and heart rate of the person.

A patent for the development was submitted last year, however, the resolution obtained is only now, reports

The developers will create universal headphones – they are equally comfortable in both ears while listening to songs. This feature is achieved thanks to the mild case, distinguishes them from previous devices.

In addition, special sensors will be able to establish which of the headphones people use. This will allow the new product to choose channels of stereo sound.

The sensors collect information on human health, is designed to ensure that at a critical time to inform the owner about the danger, in particular, about the threat of a heart attack. Thus, the feature is useful for those, who at the time of exercise, listening to music.

On the market new AirPods will appear in the first quarter of next year.