Tomorrow belongs to us : Lucy trapped, Sandrine away from Laurence… That you reserve the next episodes ? (SPOILERS)

Like every Friday, it is time to reveal to you what you can expect in the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us from next Monday on TF1

This week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Lucy and Karim have finally found the identity of the next victim of the killer, who is none other than Laurence, the judge Moiret. Of course, the police will do everything to protect it and although it does not look so easy, they should be successful to save her life. However, Lucy did feel really supported by her colleagues since its merger recent and strange with Marc v?ry’s in Tomorrow belongs to us, and decide to lead the investigation only to identify the killer. Unfortunately, the young woman would find herself caught in a trap and his colleagues will have to search for it. Will she be kidnapped ? Will she manage as well as struggle to conclude the investigation ? The end the killer will be in any case very close to the next week !

At the same time, Laurence, of course, will need the support of Sandrine in this period, but this will not be the case, you guessed it… The latter will keep his distance, especially as the proviseure of the high school will meet Morgane, who may well shake up his feelings ! Next week in Tomorrow belongs to us, we will also Win, always ready and willing to keep Amanda Georges. But his behavior could scare away the friend. As for Margot, and Chloe, they become interested in a new project in S?te : A factory farm will have on the day, and you might hear a lot about in the coming weeks. But to discover all this in detail, it will have to wait until Monday at 19h20 on TF1.