Tomorrow belongs to us : What is the future for the couple-Maxime & Clementine after the great revelation ?

There it is, everyone is aware of the love story between Clementine and Maxime in Tomorrow belongs to us. But what will be the future of the couple in the series ?

It is the revelation that everyone had been waiting for months now… Clementine has finally admitted everything to Olivier and Garance about her relationship with Maxime in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. Of course, the big news has not really been happy, and the family Doucet broke out. Garance has left Sète, Olivier no longer supports his wife… And it is the same with the Delcourt, because Chloe doesn’t like the idea of this relationship and intend to do everything to keep her son from Clementine. Even if Alex has the air of rather to accept the complex situation. But then, what will happen to this story of impossible love ? Maxime and Clementine will they lose everything to continue to live their lives ? And will they really settle down together ? Unfortunately, things don promise to be really not simple about their future in Tomorrow belongs to us…

If for the time being, we can neither affirm nor to deny the future of this relationship, there is no doubt that the journey will be fraught with pitfalls. Chloe even said that she was ready to go to court for corruption of a minor ! If there is no doubt that Alex will, avoiding to break its links with Maxime, it was still difficult to imagine the future family meals. How the teen could he bring his girlfriend home ? It is a scenario unimaginable. As for Clementine, she is currently single, without Olivier or Madder. So yes, the professor of sport has chosen love rather than reason, but even if it is legitimate, there is little hope for the future. All the more that his disability does not facilitate the task. And Linda Hardy, who plays the role of Clementine, has been entrusted to Tv Star : “The fact of his disability, Clementine can’t understand this relationship as she would like. It has the feeling of mess up a little the life of Maxime by adding responsibilities that are not those of a boy of his age.” And then we’re not going to lie, Tomorrow belongs to us is a series that loves to shake up the balance of the characters, and darken their future. So, it would surprise us not if this relationship between Maxime and Clementine ended up destroying themselves over time… In any case, to know it, it will be necessary to continue to watch the series all the days of the week at 19h20 on TF1 !