Tony (10 couples perfect 2) couple with Mélanight for the buzz ? It balance

While the two candidates have completed the shooting of 10 couples perfect 2 together, Tony decided to ratted on his relationship with Mélanight.

While candidates of 10 couples perfect 2 have finally won 200 000 € during the last ceremony, a lot of people have accused Tony of being put in a relationship with Melanie Amar for the buzz on the set. Already very popular thanks to its previous programmes, the exuberant candidate of reality-tv has-she interested the young man for his notoriety ? In a recent interview with Sam Zirah, the candidate balance : “If I had wanted to be more in the light, I would close another candidate (…) When it arrived, it was super of course. I find that I’m not quite in the light in spite of it”.

Tony (10 couples parfaits 2) en couple avec Mélanight pour le buzz ? Il balance

You will have understood, for Tony, out of the question to speak of a couple fake with Melanie. But if their attraction seemed so real, you can’t really talk about a love story between them, as the assigned by the candidate : “When she reprises her role as Mélanight, it sucks to force (…) I never fell in love (…) l there were two sides, there was his side where it was heard really well and the other where it pétait a fuse (…) I would have presented in friend of my parents. (…) I was ashamed that it got too”. You will understand, between the two candidates, things are well and truly over ! And if not, check out the big rant by Célia on Instagram against Melanie after 10 couples perfect 2.