Top-20 pulls on the top 10 – no. Kuznetsova lost to Bencic

The third day of the WTA tournament in St. Petersburg brought victory to Anastasia Potapova, but turned defeat to Svetlana Kuznetsova.

На топ-20 тянет, на топ-10 – нет. Кузнецова проиграла Бенчич


– Do you think you have a chance to get back in the top 20?
I think I play at the level of the top 20. Maybe it sounds immodest, – said Svetlana Kuznetsova. Just need stability. It is important to show the max, and I see no problem in getting back the twenty. It all depends on dedication, motivation, good graphics…

On Tuesday she was in good mood. In the morning Svetlana played tennisball (the same as tennis, but the ball is “kicked” through the mesh feet)… However, lost in a pair Kerzhakov-Junior Artem Dzyuba and Darya Kasatkina, but is the result of someone cared? But Kuznetsova got football inscribed “Zenith”, and in the evening in her match against Jennifer Brady for the first time in God knows how many years came the father of the famous Cycling coach Aleksandr Kuznetsov.

– He could have come to the final of “Roland Garros”in 2009 I won, but did not – decided that might spoil the fart… ever Since dad tried to get to my matches, but the first time it happened here. And it’s important to me, – said Svetlana. A radical peterburzhenka, by the way. Which it is very proud. But it’s true – suddenly, who didn’t know…

Now, with Brady at the ex-second racket of the world and two-time champion “Hats” the big problems have arisen (unlike Maria Sharapova, who lost to Jennifer at the beginning of January, in Brisbane). And level of play Kuznetsova quite allowed her to talk about the top 20. She’s really in great shape! It is a pity – in the second round to Svetlana has got a tennis player top 10. Namely Belinda Bencic. Now – the fifth racket of the world.

And let the Russian imposed on the fight, only to win failed. Even leading in the first set with a break a couple of times. Belinda bounced back. Took the party to a tie-break. And the second “pressurized” Kuznetsov 6:4. At this level, Svetlana is ready just to compete. To win, unfortunately, are not ready.


However, without victories of Russians on Wednesday not done. In the quarter-finals of the tournament have made the way Anastasia Potapova. Nominee for “Chief “lucky” winter” – for getting into the first round of the Australian Open as much as Serena Williams. Which the Nasty, predictable, lost 0:6, 3:6. But the draw is not always what they are!

– And in General – what’s wrong is that I had to play with Serena? – suddenly said the Russian. – I’ve been dreaming about this opportunity ever since I first picked up a racket! How can someone assume that a match with one of the best players in the history of the failure? Even if you don’t win, you get an amazing experience! Yes, many girls who have spent in the Tour much longer than I, never met. And I played with her in “Big helmet”. Yes, it would probably be better to meet Serena at a later stage, but not the essence. If you want to be the best, gotta beat the best – no matter what. No stage, no other conditions.

Attitude Potapova inspires respect. And, apparently, the match with the Williams Jr. she really has given much. In St. Petersburg she won already the fourth victory in a row! First out of training. Then went in three sets Lyudmila Samsonova. Now – defeated the Australian Ayla Tomljanovic. And now – preparing for the quarterfinals. Where he will meet with either Dutchwoman Kiki bertens the eighth racket of the world. Or Veronica Kudermetova – the third racket of the country.

Saint Petersburg (Russia)
The WTA tournament
Category “Prime”

The prize Fund 782 $ 900
Closed courts, hard
The second round

Potapova (Russia) – Tomljanovic (Australia) – 7:6 (7:2), 6:3
Belinda Bencic (Switzerland, 1) – Kuznetsova (Russia) – 7:6 (7:4), 6:4

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