TOP 5 books that are worthwhile to take on vacation

In the vacation, we have the opportunity not just to relax but also to read a couple of books, which is not enough time in everyday work

ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит взять в отпуск

If on a nose long-awaited vacation and you will soon start to pack, be sure to take a few interesting books. Take a lounger on the shore of the boundless sea or in a hammock overlooking the blue mountains, you can finally truly relax, immersed in an interesting story, from which it will be hard to put down.

“Leave, if cochas”, Collen Hoover

ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит взять в отпуск

One evening on the roof, where Lily loves to come to, hiding all think about her, she meets a stranger who turns out to be the boy of her dreams. However, the girl has a small problem – she is wary of relationships with men because of her father. The fact that the little Lily and her mother lived in constant fear, because of the nature of the parent was violent and very often he allowed himself to raise his hand to his wife.

Entire adult life the girl tried to understand what had forced the mother to tolerate such an attitude. And here she met her “ideal” life partner. But we know, alas, not everything goes as we would like. New circumstances force Lily to look at the world from the other side and make a very difficult decision.

“The Nightingale”, Kristn Gene

ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит взять в отпуск

The book has an impressive size, but do not let that scare, because the story contained in it, is so interesting that you even long after reading will miss its heroes. Sisters, Vianna and Isabel are very different – the eldest of confident and head Junior will be the envy of any street urchin. For this reason they do not get along. But once the country comes to war, France occupied by Nazis, and now every resident must make a choice – to help the Resistance or to sit in anticipation of the arrival of the allies.

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To be a risk to all without exception. Vianna will save the Jewish children of Isabel downed pilots, but each of them will make it the choice for which for sure will not be ashamed.

“People on im’ya I Uwe”, Frederic Bachman

ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит взять в отпуск

The birthplace of the author in Sweden, this book is incredibly popular. It even took odnoimennyi the film is included in the list of the best movies of all times. His main character is an old grumpy geezer Uwe is a man of large principles, accustomed to do everything by the rules, for what it many do not like. And Uwe and he doesn’t like people, life in General, he’s sick, and after his wife’s death was altogether unbearable.

And while he is thinking seriously about how to to end it all, his house crashed car with a trailer. And with it as the snow falls on the head of a new neighbor in the last month of pregnancy, her noisy children and a helpless husband. And along with old neighbors, with whom Uwe many years of enmity, trouble begins, with a resolution which can only help it. And near the house of the old man constantly suspicious looking cat is very similar to it but Uve yet stubbornly pretends not to notice him.

“Zulaikha VDRIVE Ochi”, Guzel Ahn

ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит взять в отпуск

In the courtyard of the 30-ies of the last century. Young woman zulaikha lives in a remote village, located in the Tatar countryside. She tolerates the antics of his mother, caring for her husband, runs the household, and in his spare time visits the graves of their deceased in infancy, children. But the terror of the Soviet regime reached here. And now, Zuleikha along with thousands of his dispossessed countrymen coming on stage in Siberia.

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To the end point you get not all – some are still on the road die in the throes of the cattle cars, others will go down along with overloaded to failure by barge, and the survivors will have to build a new life in the middle of the forest. But even among such inhuman conditions people will still love each other, have children and hope for the best even when everything is really bad.

“The truth about right Garr of Quebert”, Joelle Dcker

ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит взять в отпуск

The first novel of a young writer Marcus Goldman made a success. But over time people began to forget about it. Save setratio could a new book, but the inspiration did not come. And then Marcus goes to his mentor, also a writer, Harry Quebert living in a picturesque area on the shore of the ocean.

He calculates there to help, but instead it turns out that help is needed the most, Harry, because in the flowerbed under the Windows of his house were found human remains. The situation is complicated by the fact that they belong to a young girl more than 30 years ago from then young Harry was having an affair, and then she disappeared. And to unravel a tangle of complicated events that led years ago to the tragedy, will now have a Stamp.