Tourism: the province of Quebec for Quebec to blows packages

Tourisme: le Québec aux Québécois à coups de forfaits

Tourisme: le Québec aux Québécois à coups de forfaits

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June 11, 2020 16h29

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Tourism: the province of Quebec for Quebec to blows packages

Tourisme: le Québec aux Québécois à coups de forfaits

Tourisme: le Québec aux Québécois à coups de forfaits

Olivier Bossé

The Sun

The COVID-19 has already spoiled the tourism season this summer. But the government Legault wants to limit the damage by encouraging canadians to travel in Quebec. He launches passes and passports at a discount funded by the State to visit our beautiful areas, even Montreal!

This measure of $ 20 million is part of a broad plan to revive the tourism industry in québec, with a total value of $ 753 million $ over two years. The announcement was made on Thursday by no less than three ministers of Tourism, Economy and Finance.

Approximately 60 % of this money, $ 446 million as, ira loans, and loan guarantees for 1,400 hotels and 300 tourist attractions. We talk about the $ 300 million spent in the silver ringing, including a $ 100 million in additional spending for the government.

The national director of public health was also from this point of press to announce the re-opening of the June 19, zoos, botanical gardens, farms, tourist locations and tourist information. The ocean excursions will be able to resume their activities on the 1st of July.

This second phase of the déconfinement tourism announcement in any way the full recovery of the displacements between regions.

“They have never been banned,” says the minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx. “The department of public health allows us to have a program like Explore Quebec to go for a walk on the territory of quebec. It is important to say that every hotel, every cottage, every camp, every tourist activity that will be in fixed price payments will have had the authorization of the public Health, has presented his plan for health care, has been accepted by public Health. Thus, Quebecers will be able to move in safety in the tourist accommodation, activities, tourist or going on tourist attractions that have had the authorization of the public Health.”

Limit of 125 000 cards

Thirty packages soon put on sale at 25 % off Qué will help in addition the public Health back to the source in case of contamination of a user. “The fixed price payments allows this traceability there. Through the packages, you will find that people will move from point A and are going to go to plan in such area, such activity”, revealed Ms. Proulx.

Passports to access two, three or four tourist attractions will also be sold, with 20, 30 or 40 %, depending on the choice.

The annual subscription to the 24 national parks of the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SÉPAQ) will also be available at 50 % the usual price, to 40,13 $. But only online on the website of the SÉPAQ, as of Monday, June 22.

The amount of these cards annual subscription at half the price will be limited to approximately 125 000, that is to say, until the height of the $ 5 million added by the government. Good year, bad year, SÉPAQ out 60 000. This access will remain free for those aged 17 and under.

The rest of the $ 750 million is distributed this way: $ 200 million for investment in tourism business in hotels, $ 48 million in the development of tourist attractions, $ 25 million for improving the offer of regional tourism and $ 13.8 million as the exemption lodging tax that would have had to be paid in the first quarter of 2020.

Before the crisis of the sars coronavirus, the tourism industry in Québec had 30 000 companies that provided 402 000 jobs and produced $ 16 billion in revenue per year.

The occupancy rate of existing hotels is in this time of 10 %. To allow hoteliers to make their charges this summer, they will need 30 to 40 % occupancy. In the absence of international tourists, the goals remain modest.

“If it is possible to have, for example, 50 % occupancy, given the circumstances in which we are, it would be positive,” says the minister of Finance, Eric Girard.

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