Tragedy in Italy: a stampede in a nightclub killed six people, wounded dozens

Трагедия в Италии: из-за давки в ночном клубе погибли шесть человек, десятки раненых

In the night club Ancona in Italy in the stampede that killed 6 people and injured another 118. The cause of the panic was Mace sprayed by one of the visitors.

According to the newspaper Republica, while spraying pepper spray in the room at the concert of rapper Sfera Ebbasta was about 1 thousand people. There was panic, where crushed to death six people, and 118 injured in hospital has sent nearly 60, ten in serious condition.

We will remind, on October 22 in Kyiv subway Teens staged a gas attack, about ten people were injured. Also in may, in the dormitory of bila Tserkva College sprayed gas. Similar cases occurred in the schools of Kharkiv and Vinnitsa.