Training of employees begins to nearly 10,000 elected

La formation de préposés commence pour près de 10 000 élus

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Participants will receive a purse of$ 760 per week during this accelerated training of three months. When they have completed their certificate of professional studies, they will be able to get a full time job in a ltc facility and earn an annual salary of$ 49,000.

Approximately 9800 people begin this week, the accelerated training of the attendant to the beneficiaries created by Québec to address the problem of shortage of labour in a CHSLD. Back to gold for the lucky ones, but that leaves a bitter taste in candidates rejected for reasons that they considered to be discriminatory.

Vanessa Tinéus is febrile. It is part of the first cohort of students of the training centre compétences 2000, Laval. “It’s really exciting,” she said.

The 26 year old woman had long wanted to work in the field of health. “I have already made a course of care attendant and licensed practical nurse, said the mother of two children. But various events have made that I have not completed. “

Vanessa Tinéus will receive a bursary of $ 760 per week during this three months of training. When she has completed her certificate of professional studies, she will be able to get a full time job in a ltc facility and earn an annual salary of $49,000.

All will not have this chance. Melina Dubois Sorgente has seen its application rejected, because she is obese. The young 20 year-old woman weighs 200 pounds (91 kg) and measures 4 feet 11 inches (1.5 m). His body mass index (BMI) is 40.4, that is, above the limit of 40 set by the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal.

“The CIUSSS called me Monday afternoon to offer me to weigh myself in person,” she said. It is insulting ! I’m going to file a complaint to the Commission on human rights and the rights of the youth. “

After a marathon of procedures, Genevieve (fictitious name) has also seen its bid be rejected in the end of the runway. The CISSS de la Montérégie-Is refused the candidate after the telephone interview on the state of his health. “I was asked if I was taking drugs,” said his wife of 43 years. I replied that I was taking antidepressants. “

Genevieve is a depression five years ago. “But I’m functional,” she said. It would have been necessary that I lie ? “

Isabelle (fictitious name), she had to fight to be accepted, despite his generalized anxiety disorder. “The CISSS de la Montérégie-Est has asked me if in the last year, I had consulted with in relation to a psychological problem “, says the young woman, 24 years of age. She is said to have seen his family physician for follow-up. “I am treated,” said the former manager of a restaurant. I have no more symptoms for the last five years. “

Isabelle and her mother have moved heaven and earth to get explanations on the rejection of his candidature. Coup de theatre Monday, in the morning. She is admitted to the beginner training the same evening.

Questioned about this, the CISSS de la Montérégie-Est replied that ” if a candidate declares some issues which are controlled, this is not an issue for hiring “. “That being said, the orderlies are going to work with a vulnerable clientele,” adds the spokesperson, Hugo, Bourgoin. So it is a very demanding job, both physically and psychologically, especially in the current context. “

According to Pascale Denis, professor at the Department of organization and human resources of the UQAM, the employer may be justified to ask questions about the psychological health of the candidate if there is a link with the requirements of the position.

Ms. Denis is concerned, however, that some medical questionnaires for employment to be ” extremely broad “, particularly when they are interested in mental health issues dating back to five years ago. “We must ask ourselves : is what this person is capable of today to occupy the position ?” she said.

In addition to the 9800 selected candidates, 2000 other, who presently pursued hand-in-hand in a CHSLD, will begin the accelerated training this fall.

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