Triple Frontier, a thriller thrilling and surprising to Netflix, our critical

The new thriller from Netflix is it worth really the glance ? We give you our opinion without SPOILERS !

The new thriller military of Netflix, Triple Border, is arrived in force on the streaming platform, Wednesday, march 13, and it is already emulated. In the right direction, so that it would hurt. The film was a cliché action movie from the beginning. Santiago Garcia, played by Oscar Isaac, a private contractor, who is overseeing the law enforcement operations counter-narcotics in Colombia, and set up a team that you would think is packed full of stéréoptypes : there is this father who is a little pity, played by Ben Affleck, an adept of let it go after a career that has nothing reported. The soldier proud of his career, reduced to give speeches on his past glory to the young recruits, played by Charlie Hunnam; the pilot of the helicopter, taciturn and wearing a hat, that the filmmakers apparently don’t have deigned to bring a backstory, however, interpreted by the amazing Pedro Pascal, the star of the series Narcos; and, finally, the guy who has chosen to use his muscles to earn his living by winning fights MMA fans. In short, everything that makes a good action film, but especially full of testosterone.

Triple Frontière, le thriller haletant et surprenant de Netflix, notre critique

But then we expected to a copy a little over-worked of The Expandablesis actually a blend of the Way of the Gun, Mission Impossible and the Usual Suspect, three accomplishments of Christopher McQuarrie, one of which earned him the Oscar for best director. The story stands out by its nature confusing because of the complexity of its plot, which took nearly 10 years to be adapted into a film, the scenario has, therefore, been returned, in every sense, a good thing in the case of the Triple Border. And changing the history of habitual lies in the difficulties encountered by the team to transport the huge amount of loot they steal the pillar of the drug, Colombian, Lorea, stored away in a complex hidden in the jungles of South America. After that Santiago has recruited his friends for one last mission very illegal, but juicy, they will identify locations, develop a plan, and then execute with deadly accuracy. But, inevitably, the avarice and the greed to catch up with them, to the point that they become careless, distracted by the lure of gain. Move this treasure far more important than expected from a place to another becomes a physics problem that he is going to be complicated to hijack.

Triple Frontière, le thriller haletant et surprenant de Netflix, notre critique

And that’s really where the trouble, as surprises arrive. The twists and turns are going to go from bad to worse for the protagonists, who will quickly realize that the greatest danger of the operation, it is them. The director knows how to generate suspense, especially in the event of a strike force-verbal, a process becoming more cumbersome and fussy in the second part of the film. How to stay united when we learn that his friend still has hidden secrets too alarming ? In addition to the idea of the steering and personalities buried, the film poses a real question : what measures are reduced to the soldiers who have fought all their lives for their country without getting enough to live properly for their retirement ? Even if one can reproach him for falling, sometimes in the absurd and the sentimental, the Triple Frontier has the merit to take its action and surprise the viewer with its plot cut off with a knife, but that will not lead you where you thought you were getting.