Trump believes that a vaccine quick, Europe offers a breath of fresh air

Trump croit à un vaccin rapide, l'Europe s'offre une bouffée d'air

Trump croit à un vaccin rapide, l'Europe s'offre une bouffée d'air

“We hope to have (a vaccine) by the end of the year, maybe before. We are making spectacular progress,” said Donald Trump.


May 15, 2020 22h49


Trump believes that a vaccine quick, Europe offers a breath of fresh air

Cyril Julien

Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump said Friday it hoped to see by the end of the year a vaccine against the coronavirus, which continued its deadly race in the United States, while cafes re-opened in Vienna and Sydney and that the professional football made its return in Germany, but without spectators.

“We hope to have (a vaccine) by the end of the year, maybe before. We are making spectacular progress,” said the american president, before they qualify his optimism.

“I don’t want people to think that it all depends on a vaccine”, he said.

The european medicines Agency (EMA) discussed on Thursday a vaccine that could be available in a year, according to an “optimistic”.

More than one hundred projects have been launched in the world and a dozen clinical trials are underway, including five in China, to try to find a cure against the COVID-19.

But this race stirs up the lusts and international tensions. The French president Emmanuel Macron has expressed hope that a vaccine is not subject “to the laws of the market”. The EU has insisted that it is “a property of public utility”, with access to “fair and universal”.

4.5 million people affected

The new coronavirus has infected at least 4 503 811 people and left at least 305 424 deaths in the world, according to a report drawn up byAFP from official sources on Friday.

More than five months after the onset of the disease in China, the world gets used to the idea of living sustainably with this scourge, which, according to the world Health Organization (WHO) could “never go away”.

And the efforts are intensifying to try to kick start economies entered into a recession without precedent. Locomotive in europe, Germany confirmed on Friday that a fall of 2.2% of its activity in the first quarter, with an expected reduction of 6.3% for the year as a whole.

According to the world Trade Organization (WTO), world trade is expected to “double digit decline” in volume in almost all regions of the world.

In the United States, the most affected country with more than 87 000 dead, unemployment affects nearly 15% of the active population, a record.

If the déconfinement started on Friday in a part of Virginia and Maryland, New York city, the economic powerhouse of the country, remains confined until may 28 at least. The pandemic has made more than 20 000 dead.

“A signal”

A pioneer in the field of déconfinement, Austria has crossed an important milestone on Friday with the re-opening of its restaurants and its iconic viennese cafes.

“It was hard for us that this is closed all this time, that we missed and we will return as often as possible”, explains Fanny and Sophie, two students of 19 years, talk tables around a robust breakfast at the Café Goldegg, near the museum of the Belvedere.

In Australia or Berlin, the re-opening of the restaurants was also awaited with impatience.

The other symbol, the return of the round ball in stadiums… empty of any supporter. The German championship, the first major competition of football to restart on Saturday, should prove to the world that professional sport can live with the coronavirus.

To limit the risk of contamination, the teams are subject to health measures are draconian and have had to isolate the whole week.

Trump croit à un vaccin rapide, l'Europe s'offre une bouffée d'air

Austria has reopened its restaurants and its iconic viennese cafes, on Friday.

AFP, Hans Punz

“The whole world now looks towards us,” said the coach of Bayern Munich, Hansi Flick, aware that a success health would be “a signal to all other leagues”.

First country in Europe to declare the “end” of the epidemic on its soil, the small Slovenia has announced a reopening of its borders.

Everywhere in the world, social distancing and gestures barriers remain de rigueur.

In Ireland, Monday will also mark a relaxation of containment measures, with re-opening of some shops, beaches and the possibility of ending up outside, to a maximum of four people.

The country will also impose, from Monday, 14 days quarantine for travelers arriving from abroad. Spain has already started with a temperature and a voluntary quarantine of 14 days.

The summer in France

Entry into déconfinement on may 11, the France, one of the most bereaved in the world, with more than 27 500 dead, prepares to learn his first week-end in the green. Many of the beaches were allowed to reopen and the prime minister Edouard Philippe has mentioned the possibility for the population to go on vacation this summer.

But movements are limited to a radius of 100 km, which prohibits, inter alia, the access of the coastline to the inhabitants of Paris, Toulouse or Strasbourg.

Trump croit à un vaccin rapide, l'Europe s'offre une bouffée d'air

On the banks of the Seine, in Paris, people take advantage of the déconfinement, which started on may 11.

AFP Bertrand Guay

France also announced on Friday the first death of a child of nine years reached a form close to the Kawasaki disease, considered to be probably related to the COVID-19.

In Italy, where some beaches re-opened after weeks of confinement, the absence of tourist activity was particularly felt in Venice, where even the pigeons have deserted the place Saint-Marc, in the absence of visitors to feed them. “Without tourists, Venice is a dead city,” says Majuro Sambo, a gondolier at age 66.

Greece, it has announced the next reopening and progressive certain shipping links and air, to facilitate the return of tourists from the end of July.

“Nightmare” in Bangladesh

In Africa, the consequences could be even more devastating, according to a WHO study released on Friday. Until now relatively unscathed with less than 2 500 deaths officially, the continent could save up to 190,000 dead.

In Bangladesh, the discovery of a first case in one of the immense refugee camps, rohingyas fear a scenario “nightmare”, according to the terms of a collaborator of the NGO Shelters International, Daniel Following.

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