Trump had a chance to “bury” the case of the Russian intervention in the American elections

 У Трампа появился шанс «похоронить» дело о вмешательстве РФ в американские выборы

The investigation of the Russian intervention during the US presidential elections in 2016 may be in jeopardy after President Donald trump has fired attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions, reports the BBC.

The head of the faction of the Democratic party in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi called the decision trump’s attempt to obstruct the investigation, which was criticized successor and Roman sessions Matthew Whitaker. A similar statement was made by the leader of the Democratic party in the Senate Chuck Schumer, who said: “Exactly the President is hiding something”.

Individual members of the Republican party also shared the concern of the Democrats about the future of the business, which leads spectracolor Robert Mueller.

Note that Whitaker will have the right to dismiss Muller or close the investigation of the alleged conspiracy between the headquarters of the trump and Russia, which has already led to a number of criminal charges against several allies of the President. Trump categorically denied that such a conspiracy took place, and has repeatedly called for the closure of the case, calling it “the biggest political hunt for witches in history.”

Recall, November 7, U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has resigned at the request of President Donald trump.

Sessions in 2017 persistently asked the American President’s resignation due to the investigation of ties with Russia. Earlier there was evidence of RF interference in the US presidential elections in 2016.

The Senate Committee intends to defend against dismissal of spectacular USA Robert Mueller in connection with the investigation of the influence of Russia on elections of the American President.