Trump has accused the annexation of Crimea, Obama, and “back” of Russia and Finland

 Трамп обвинил в аннексии Крыма Обаму, и «вернул» России Финляндию

The US President Donald trump once again blamed his predecessor Barack Obama that he admitted Russia’s annexation of Crimea and other Ukrainian territories. According to trump, that’s not even on Putin and Obama, according to Newsweek.

As stated by trump media representatives, the Obama administration “let [Russia] to attach a significant part of Ukraine”. A Reuters journalist said that the Crimea was annexed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, but trump responded by saying that “it was the regime of President Obama. Obama did it.” At the same time the American President “back” of Russia Finland, remembering their “good meeting in Russia” with Putin, which took place in the summer in Helsinki.

Previously, trump said that his administration has provided Ukraine with defensive weapons, unlike Obama, who sent “pillows and blankets”.