Trump is calling for a true G7, the pandemic is far from being contained

Trump plaide pour un vrai G7, la pandémie loin d'être contenue

Trump plaide pour un vrai G7, la pandémie loin d'être contenue

Donald Trump wants to be held the G7 summit in person, in June.


May 20, 2020 21h24


Trump is calling for a true G7, the pandemic is far from being contained

Sebastian Smith

Agence France-Presse

Pascale Trouillaud

Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump wants to make a G7 summit in person, the symbol of the standardization as it called for, despite the progression of the epidemic in some countries.

The us president has discussed on Wednesday the possibility of bringing together the leaders of the G7 in June at Camp David and not by video-conferencing as this had been decided due to the coronavirus.

“Other members (of the G7) began them also on their return. This would be a symbol great for everyone. Standardization!”, tweeted the tenant of the White House.

The reactions of the leaders of the G7 have been prudent. The French president Emmanuel Macron said he was “willing to go to Camp David if the sanitary conditions allow”.

The prime minister of canada Justin Trudeau has emphasized the importance of exploring “what measures would be implemented,” and “expert recommendations”.

In the same way, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has remained ambiguous about his intentions. “Regardless of the form of the G7 meeting, a video conference or something else, I will fight for sure for multilateralism,” she said in Berlin.

Glimmer of hope

Despite the optimism of the american president and its decline in Europe, the pandemic of coronavirus that has claimed more than 325 000 deaths in the world is accelerating its progress in Brazil.

Starting Point end 2019 of the pandemic that has brought the planet to a standstill, China is ready to proclaim Friday, his “victory” on the virus, on the occasion of the meeting of the national people’s Assembly.

Trump plaide pour un vrai G7, la pandémie loin d'être contenue

AP, Xiong Qi

But Mr. Trump, whose country has registered more than 1 500 people dead in 24 hours on Wednesday has again raised the tone Wednesday in the face of Beijing. “It’s “incompetence in China”, and nothing else, which has caused the killing of mass world!”, said the tenant of the white House, itself much criticized for its management of the crisis.

Glimmer of hope, researchers have shown that monkeys vaccinated or infected by the new coronavirus have developed antibodies allowing them to be protected against a new infection.

“Our findings increase the optimism that it will be possible to develop vaccines against the COVID-19”, pointed out Dan H. Barouch, the researcher who led the two studies in Boston.

Chile has exceeded 50 000-contamination and food riots broke out in Santiago.

To the contrary, Europeans have returned to these simple pleasures, whose confinement had deprived since mid-march, as see the sea.

“Listen to the sound of the waves, a walk on the beach, we very much want,” said Helena Prades, a Spanish woman of 43 years, on the catalan coastline.

In this country, one of the most bereaved, with nearly 28 000 dead, Barcelona has re-opened on Wednesday its beaches and its parks, including the famous Parque Güell.

But the government has extended on Wednesday the alert status until June 6, and made the mask-wearing compulsory from the age of six years in all the public places when it is not possible to keep its distance, including on the street.

The aviation sector suffers

The restrictions weigh heavily on the tourism and the aviation sector. The british manufacturer of aircraft engines Rolls-Royce announced on Wednesday the removal of”at least” 9,000 jobs, or 17 percent of its workforce.

The group Air France KLM has indicated to store a nine-widebody A380. In Germany, chancellor Angela Merkel has indicated that an agreement for the rescue of Lufthansa, the number 1 european sector was on the verge of being finalized.

India has, however, announced a gradual recovery of its domestic flights from may 25, after a two-month ban.

Trump plaide pour un vrai G7, la pandémie loin d'être contenue

AP, Ian Langsdon

Italy has authorized all of its airports to reopen as of 3 June, the date on which it will open its borders to tourists from the european Union.

Greece, where the Acropolis was re-opened Monday, has set 15 June as the beginning of the new tourist season, with a resumption of international flights from 1 July.

In Slovenia, each person will receive up to € 200 in vouchers for accommodation or restaurant, to spend locally in order to boost tourism.

In Florida, the Disney World has started to reopen, offering an opportunity for fans of Mickey mouse to go into the restaurants and shops of its commercial area, even if the attractions – the main attraction of the park – remain for the moment closed.

But the spectre of a second wave rode. The american car maker Ford has confirmed that Wednesday have been forced to close a site in Chicago in the wake of its reopening, after the detection of two cases of COVID-19.

Germany prohibits, in its slaughterhouses, the outsourcing contracts that allow the use of massively to posted workers from eastern Europe, after a series of cases of coronavirus in these institutions.



The United States to host the G7 this year, the initial plan of the administration to hold the rally at the golf club Doral belonging to Donald Trump in Miami was abandoned last fall after critics had accused the president of seeking to obtain personal gains.

But the plan later to move the meeting in Camp David was initially thwarted by the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the prime minister Justin Trudeau said that it was very important that a new meeting be held “in one way or another, even if it is not convinced of the possibility of meeting in person. The group met for a conference online last month, he noted, before suggesting that science, and prudence should determine the best course of action in the future.

Trump plaide pour un vrai G7, la pandémie loin d'être contenue

Despite the fact that he is not convinced of the opportunity to meet in person, Justin Trudeau said that it is important that a meeting be held.

AFP, Dave Chan

“First, it is necessary to underline the importance of the G7, the importance of the meetings of the country to be able to counter the crisis, to be able to speak of the restoration of the global economy,” said Mr. Trudeau.

“In relation to a proposal to do so in person, we are going to look at what the Americans are proposing, we are going to look at what will be the health conditions that one should follow, but it is an idea that is interesting, but it should have more details before making a decision”, he added.

Such remarks to the g-7 in person can be likened to a resounding “no”, writes Colin Robertson, a former canadian diplomat who teaches foreign affairs at Carleton University and is vice-president of the canadian Institute of world affairs.

“(Justin Trudeau) will not be the one that is going to drown, because you want to keep the relationship in a form that is reasonable, but when things progress, I don’t see simply no other leaders agree,” said Mr. Robertson.

“I think that this has everything to do with internal politics and nothing to do with the international system, except to strengthen the ambitions electoral Trump in November”, he continued.

Security experts are doubtful about the possibility of an in-person meeting in June.

“I don’t see that, and I don’t think that many other leaders would come,” has also said Brett Bruen, a former diplomat and advisor to the White House under former president Barack Obama. James McCarten, The canadian Press

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