Trump says he wants to strengthen weapons laws, but gives little details

President Donald Trump on Monday condemned weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio, calling them “barbaric” and “against all humanity” attacks, calling for bipartisan cooperation to strengthen the country’s firearms laws.
M . Trump said he wanted legislation providing “thorough background checks” for firearms users, but he provided little detail on this and has already reneged on previous promises made after other shootings.

Trump spoke Monday from the White House of the two shootings that left 29 dead and dozens wounded. He had also suggested, very early on Twitter, that a bill on background checks could be associated with his efforts to strengthen the country’s immigration system.

But he did not say how or why he linked the two issues. The two suspects were US citizens, and federal officials are investigating the possibility of anti-immigration bias being the reason for the El Paso massacre in Texas.

“With one voice, our nation must condemn racism, fanaticism and white supremacy,” Trump said, adding that he had asked the FBI to look into what should be done to identify and combat national terrorism. . “These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America, “he said.

Trump has often sought to link his immigration priorities – a border wall and the transformation of the legal immigration system into a merit-based system at the expense of family ties – and legislation around which he seems to be a momentum.

Over the weekend, Trump tried to assure the Americans that he would take care of the problem and defended his administration in light of the criticism that followed the latest killings.

“We have done a lot more than most previous administrations,” he said, without further details. “We did a lot of things. But maybe there is still a lot to do. ”

Congress proved unable to vote for substantive legislation to combat gun violence in the most recent session, despite the frequency of mass shootings, largely because of Republican resistance, particularly in the Senate controlled by the party. This political dynamic seems difficult to change.

And Mr. Trump himself has already reneged on his promises to strengthen gun laws.

After further large-scale shootings, he called for strengthening the federal system of background checks. In 2018, he signed a law to increase the sharing of data from federal agencies in the system. But he resisted Democratic calls to strengthen other gun control laws.

On Monday, he also said that “mental disorders and hate have pulled the trigger” in recent shootings, and “not guns”.

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