Twitter launches open beta testing of new features

Twitter запускает открытое бета-тестирование новых функций

Twitter запускает открытое бета-тестирование новых функций

Twitter announced the imminent launch of open beta testing of the new features of the social network.

It is reported by Engaget.

Any user can submit a request to participate, and the company will select from them a few thousand. Twitter going way to the reaction of users to new opportunities for communication within the social network. It concerns a new type of replies to tweets that the company is testing in a few months. Twitter plans to completely change the appearance of messages in tweets, breaking them down into “branches” and changing the color. In addition, the social network plans to launch a special format tweets-statuses that will be fixed on the top of the profile. Innovations are designed to encourage people to communicate with each other.

“We want to develop a service for people who like to use it, so we need to recruit people that way,” says Sara Haider, Director of product management at Twitter.

Haider added that, while Twitter is for conversations on a wide range of topics, sometimes users need to bypass the product that it worked for them.

The concept of open beta testing provides that the users that participate in the program will be able to tell you about new features and post screenshots. Twitter itself asks testers to share their opinions about this or other innovations.

Social network Instagram recently withdrew interface update for Missouri critics on Twitter.

Previously, Twitter has returned the chronological order in the news feed. In 2016, on Twitter acted the algorithm that formed the news feed based on the popular tweets, regardless of their “freshness”. Also, the company is thinking about to opt out of likes for posts, to improve the quality of communication.