U.S. scientists cured mice from dementia

Ученые из США излечили мышей от слабоумия

Scientists from the USA were able to cure mice from the effects of dementia. The negative effects of neurodegeneration has been neutralized through the use of the drug for asthmatics.

Reports mir24.tv in the experiment used genetically modified rodents tend to develop chaupati – neurodegenerative disease. At the age of 12 months, the mice were given an zileuton is a drug used to prevent the development of bronchospasm.

After 16 weeks in rodents tested spatial memory by running them in the maze. It turned out that zileuton significantly improved their memory.

To confirm their theory, the researchers also checked levels of leukotrienes – molecules that play a prominent role in various forms of dementia in the later stages. Their level in the brain tissue also decreased significantly.