UA:the First cut off for debts – the government has declared its readiness to help

UA:Первый отключили за долги - в правительстве заявили о готовности помочь

The Ministry of information policy submitted to the government a draft normative act on the settlement of debts of channel UA:First.

This was stated by the state Secretary of the Ministry Artem Bidenko, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

According to him, the Agency has already developed a draft regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers, which would have solved the problem of financing of TV channel. In the procedure, the document now requires approval from other authorities.

“We’re just a few days developed this project and sent it for approval to the relevant agencies in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economy, etc.,” said Bidenko.

The document provides for the targeted allocation of funds solely to repay the accumulated debt, and not a simple increase in the funding channel.

When the document can be adopted, Bidenko doesn’t know.

“It is very difficult (to say – ed.) because it’s an old system… Now there was this top news (about disabling UA:Pershoho – ed.) and is not excluded that, probably, already tomorrow on the Cabinet issue will be considered, or, on the contrary, it will take another week”, – said the state Secretary of the Ministry of information policy.

According to him, the NOTE is in Department of the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting and that he should look after the welfare of the channel and MIP are already connected to the problem, when I saw that the “approaching catastrophe.”

As reported on our website earlier, on Tuesday, September 25, the State Concern of radio broadcasting, radio communication and television (RRT) was disabled the broadcasting of the channel “UA: the First”.