UEFA is sharply increased payments to the teams in the League of Nations

							УЕФА резко увеличил выплаты командам в Лиге наций

UEFA has increased by 50% payment of national teams for participation and victory in the League of Nations. Cup winner of the competition will receive €10.5 million, according to the organization’s website.

Group stage — solidarity payments It Added Became
League And €1.5 million €750 thousand €2.25 million
League B €1 million €500 thousand €1.5 million
The League €750 thousand €375 thousand €1,125 million
League D €500 thousand €250 thousand €750 thousand

Winners of their teams in each League will also receive a bonus equal to the amount of the performance in your League. Four group winners of the League And in June 2019 to determine the winner of the tournament. The team that won the final stage in 4th place will receive €2.5 million, the team that became 3rd – €3.5 million, finalist – €4.5 million, winner of €6 million, Ie the amount of the final winner of the League of Nations will receive after the final stage of the €10.5 million

Was previously released a calendar of matches and the format of the League of Nations the League.