Ugo Fredette: with a sentence of 50 years, he will die in prison

Ugo Fredette: avec une peine de 50 ans, il va mourir en prison

Ugo Fredette: avec une peine de 50 ans, il va mourir en prison

Ugo Fredette, 44, was sentenced for two murders violent, including one of his ex-spouse Veronica Beard.


June 5, 2020 17h01


Ugo Fredette: with a sentence of 50 years, he will die in prison

Stéphanie Marin

The Canadian Press

SAINT-JÉRÔME — If Ugo Fredette was given a minimum sentence of 50 years in prison, he will die behind bars, pleaded his lawyer on Friday morning, at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme.

It would be like if it were locked and threw the key, continued to Me, Louis-Alexandre Martin.

It has been argued that Fredette should rather have the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, as provided for in the system of justice in the country.

The man, 44-year-old, convicted of two murders violent, including one of his ex-spouse Veronica Beard, must now wait: the judge Myriam Lachance of the superior Court, who heard the entire case, has now taken under advisement. It will make a judgment later.

The magistrate had listened all week to the arguments of the parties on the length of the sentence that the man would have to serve for these two murders.

Friday morning, mr. Martin tried to convince her to allow his client to be eligible for parole after 25 years of incarceration.

It considers that the Crown, which requires a minimum of 50 years, wants to meet by the “Law of talion”, and to completely evacuate the principle of rehabilitation.

Ms. Martin recalled that his client, because he has committed two murders in the first degree, has already received a sentence of life in prison. And it remains to be determine if it needs to spend 25 or 50 years in jail before he can apply for parole.

And still: after 25 years, there is no guarantee that it will get out of prison, he recalled. The parole Board can say no.

The Crown attorney, Mr. Steve Baribeau, agrees that rehabilitation is one of the criteria for the determination of the sentence, but in this case, it is not the “criterion predominant”.

It is in the matter of murder, and life imprisonment. “This is the most serious crime: he should expect a punishment”, he commented in his exit from the court room.

To die in prison

In 50 years, Fredette has 91 years old: “there is a high chance he is dead”, has pointed out to Me Martin.

The line is thin between the disapproval of crime and revenge, has-t-he stressed.

“Twenty-five years this is not a small penalty. It is extremely long in the life of a man.”

He argued that the company should still treat it as a human being, and see in 25 years if it has evolved and where it is made.

“Is it that he has treated my daughter like a human being?” responded Claudette Biard, the mother of Veronica, after having listened to the oral argument of the defense.

Ms. Martin had planned the coup: in oral argument, it was noted that some would argue that Fredette has not treated its victims as human beings. But he believes that”it is not necessary to lower down the threshold of humanity”.

The mother of Veronica Beard is not okay.

“In my head to me, 25 years for two murders, it is equivalent to 12 and a half years each. Twelve years and a half, and have stressed out my daughter, for the be frightened, for having killed, for having killed Mr. Lacasse (…) for me it has no sense”, launched Ms. Biard, the broken voice.

Ms. Martin has offered this argument: Fredette should not spend more time in jail than Alexander Bissonnette, the killer of the mosque of Quebec. The latter has received a 40 year sentence in prison for six murders, while Fredette has committed two. Bissonnette, however, has worn his sentence on appeal.

Ms. Martin has also argued the “mitigating factors” for the determination of the penalty Fredette: he has no history of justice, he confessed to having caused the death of two persons, he has expressed “some regrets” he is a good worker and a social safety net around him to help.

It also presents a low risk of recidivism, he added, citing the opinion of the psychiatrist Louis Morissette.

Fredette was convicted by a jury of two murders in the first degree, committed on the same day, the 14th of September 2017. It is called also of these verdicts.

The man killed from 17 stab his ex-wife, Veronica Beard, before fleeing with a child over hundreds of miles, triggering a long Amber alert.

He then removed the life of Yvon Lacasse, a driver 71, in order to steal his vehicle to continue his run without being spotted. He then threw her body in a wooded area.

A cumulative unconstitutional

Ms. Martin also requested that the judge Lachance of declaring unconstitutional the article of the criminal Code which allows the accumulation of periods of parole ineligibility in cases of multiple killings. This is what allows the Crown to claim 50 years of imprisonment, or 25 years for murder.

This article has already been contested by Alexandre Bissonnette and the cause is before the Court of appeal.

In short, the judge Myriam Lachance must wait for the decision of this Court prior to rendering its judgment on the worth of Fredette. It may therefore be months before the man is set on his fate.

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