Ukraine finally admitted and legalized poker

							Украина наконец признала и легализовала покер

The Ministry of youth and sport recognized sport poker an official sport — this is stated in the order No. 3780 dated August 16, 2018. It is available on the website of the Ministry.

							Украина наконец признала и легализовала покер

The path to legalization

Sports poker is one of the world’s most popular card games; thanks to the Internet this newly recognized sport in recent years has become more common in online poker.

In the world of sport poker commonly played at special clubs where it is possible to fully enjoy this game, to win (but also lose) fortunes. As casinos, poker clubs are completely legal and are flourishing in many countries.

The history of the legalization of poker in the Ukraine is complicated and ambiguous. For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine in the regulations poker appeared in February 2001 — when the State Committee of youth policy, sports and tourism has recognized poker as a sport, not included in the program of Olympic games.

A few years later the government began the struggle with gambling, even discussed the bill on its total ban. Also, lawmakers could not come to a decision, is poker gambling game or sport. Despite this, in June 2009, the poker is still officially recognized sports.

But by the end of 2009, poker was excluded from official sports, calling gambling. 9 Dec 2009 the justice Ministry issued a decree about cancellation of state registration of poker as a sport.

New opportunities

Justice is done only now, in 2018. The decision legalized poker in Ukraine, allowing poker establishments were able to get out of the gray zone. According to experts, the decision of the Ministry of youth and sports is more about offline poker, and has nothing to do with cash games (games unlimited). At the same time, according to lawyers, the concept of “sports poker” is not clearly defined by Ukrainian legislation that could have negative consequences in the form of abuse by law enforcement agencies. Definite progress from the decision of the Ministry of youth and sports, the opportunity to hold official tournaments that will have a positive impact on the Ukrainian economy. However, the fact that recognition is already a big step forward, which are expected to players in Ukraine. Now it is hoped that further legislative initiatives and refinements will make the game more accessible and popular.

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Many Ukrainian poker-athletes have become millionaires — 13 people during his career in poker has already crossed the mark of 1 million dollars in prize money. The luckiest Ukrainian poker-athlete, Eugene Katchalov, managed to earn over a career $9 235 296 — fortune. In second place is Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who won at poker $7 684 950. Three successful Ukrainian players closes Alex Horshenin from $3 581 957. Also in the top five athletes — Artem Petalidi with $3 402 682 in prize money and Garik Yaroshevsky with $3 133 596.