Ukrainian Bank sued in NBU

Украинский банк подал в суд на НБУ

Украинский банк подал в суд на НБУ

The Ukrainian Bank “Megabank” has decided to appeal against the decision of the NBU to impose a fine in 6.2 million for the implementation of risky activities. The regulator has received an official message.

The national Bank detected large cash withdrawals from March 2017 to April 2018 in of 211.8 million UAH, natural persons-Bank customers, reports Finbalance. The nature of these operations, testified that their goal is the conversion (translation) of non-cash money into cash. NBU announced several factors that indicate this:

  • cash, which was shot in the face, went to their account from the account of a legal entity (a financial company) in the same Bank — like loans under the credit agreements;
  • credit agreements on the basis of which was the loans are all similar obligations provided by the contract of suretyship or penalties, which amounted to 0% for each day of delay;
  • each of the individuals given credit from UAH 4.2 million to 10.3 million UAH for 14 calendar days. However, income of these individuals was not enough for operations to repay liabilities. The part of debtors were unemployed or in positions where it is impossible to get the amount to cover the loan.
  • persons who financial the company has given loans are not returned on their own, interest is also not paid. The repayment was carried out exclusively by 2 legal entities — clients of the Bank (guarantor) on the basis of contracts of guarantee with a credit card. These funds came from companies with accounts in different banks, as a payment for agricultural products, non-repayable financial assistance, and the like;
  • individuals closed their Bank accounts to repay the loans. Financial transactions that have taken place in the accounts of some individuals, was conducted after the announcement of their closure;
  • Guarantors could be fictitious persons, as their location is an address, which is the place of registration of a significant number of legal entities, before opening accounts for them has replaced the head of the beneficiary and location in the state of 1 or a few people, and cash flows by accounts — millions of hryvnia. Among other signs of fictitiousness — the minimum share capital of one of the two guarantors (1 000,00 UAH), same IP address, General managers and beneficiaries. The “Megabank” has not established the guarantors of a high level of risk. Incorrect definition of the level of risk led to the failure of the Bank in-depth review of the guarantors and a non-Bank of other activities to reduce risks.

Recall, the NBU fined “Megabank” by 6.2 million over risky activities after verification financial institutions for compliance with legislation on prevention and counteraction to legalization of income. Bank “Land capital” escaped with a warning.

“Megabank” was also included in the list of violators of norms from the national Bank. The institution broke the norm H9 — the ratio of the maximum exposure to credit risk for transactions with related persons of the banks (should be no more than 25%). And “Megabank” he has made 255,46%.

The evaluation of sustainability of the NBU “Megabank” became the one which requires direct capitalization in the first quarter of 2019 in the amount of 611 million. By the end of the year “Megabank” also needs to be covered more 2,266 billion shortage — the second after “Ukreximbank” indicator.