Ukrainian sailor escaped the death penalty in Iran on false charges

Украинский моряк избежал смертной казни в Иране по ложному обвинению

Iran freed the citizen of Ukraine, sailor Andrei Novichkova, who risked the death penalty by hanging. In the country he was accused of murder, which the Ukrainian did not commit. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“That was liberated by the Ukrainian sailor Beginners. Now Andrew is in the territory of the Embassy of Ukraine in Iran. Congratulations from Odessa with the return of our countryman!”, — wrote the head of state in Twitter.

The newcomers worked as the first mate of the captain of the Iranian vessel Arezooу. 17 January 2017 Ukrainian, was the only witness of the sailor-Iranians jumped over the side, writes the New Time. The newcomers raised the alarm and organized a rescue operation that was unsuccessful. Upon arrival in Iran, the Ukrainian sailor arrested, accused of murder.

Recently it became known that two Ukrainian seamen — crew members of the ships ARK TZE and ANUKET AMBER freed from captivity. They were the last released of the total number of prisoners. Six Ukrainian sailors had been released from Nigerian captivity in may last year. They were held hostage in the Niger Delta. The ship with Ukrainian sailors was captured by pirates in October 2017.

Earlier, the foreign Ministry announced the number of Ukrainians arrested and convicted abroad. The Ministry said that the first priority in the release is politically motivated conviction and condemnation to death and to life imprisonment.