Ukrainian tourists disrupted the flight to Egypt, staging a fight in the plane

 Украинские туристы сорвали рейс в Египет, устроив драку в самолете

Because of the fight of the passengers on Board the flight Kiev — Sharm El Sheikh YanAir airline made an emergency landing at Cairo airport. Also arrested was a flight of four planes with Ukrainian tourists, according to the website of the tour operator JoinUP.

YE5015 flight Kiev – Sharm El Sheikh airline YanAir dated November 8, carried out an emergency landing at the airport of Cairo in connection with the incident connected with the fight of the passengers on Board. This tour operator Join UP said the airline. In accordance with aviation rules, the crew could not continue the flight, as it ended its flight time. Tourists on this flight we settled in Cyrene Island hotel 4* and provided food while waiting for

tour operator JoinUP

The incident caused delays of four related YanAir flights.

Recall, on the eve of the Sharm-El-Sheikh, there was a delay with the flight to Ukraine about 200 Ukrainian tourists-customers Join Up.