Ukrainian workers accused of spreading measles in Poland

Украинских заробитчан обвинили в распространении кори в Польше

In Poland in the Silesian Voivodeship found two outbreaks of measles, local health inspectors are accusing the Ukrainians who come to the country to work.

Factory of cosmetics in the city of Pyskowice an illness swept through six warehouse employees and 1 member of the family, it is believed that the virus has taken a Ukrainian visitor working for the company. Head of the epidemiology Department of the sanitary-epidemiological station in Katowice Renata Cieslik-Tarata declared that measles in the Ukrainian laboratory confirmed, writes Gazeta Wyborcza.

The second flash – in Lubliniec. There was infected 4 people who had contact with the Ukrainian, who was at home during the intrusion. Patients were kept under observation, and in the state talking about the high risks of new infections.

Note that Poland intends to force workers to be vaccinated because of problems with measles and tuberculosis in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Ministry of health recently warned about measles outbreak in several areas. And in Odessa, measles claimed the life of a child.