Ukrainians are preparing a surprise in the form of huge tax on old cars

							Украинцам готовят сюрприз в виде огромного налога на старые автомобили

Drive an old car, the Ukrainians would be very expensive. If the car for more than five years, its owner annually will have to pay to the budget a considerable amount. And will have to pay much, since the average age of cars in Ukraine is 20 years. While the idea of the transport tax only on paper. This is one of the edits that MPs made to the bill, No. 8487, which should make customs clearance and cheaper.

While the transportation tax is collected with “elite” cars. The owner of such a machine needs every year to pay 25 thousand hryvnia to the state budget. Tax for the first five years are subject to new cars, if they are more expensive 375 the minimum wage is 1 million 396 thousand. The MPs want the tax paid by all who have transport.

Tax on all cars over five years old will be considered by a special formula:

Rate = Rate base x engine x To age x environmental

Let us examine the formula.

If the car is on petrol, the Rate base is 200. If diesel – 300.

Ratio of the engine is the engine capacity divided by 1000 cubic cm

The coefficient of age is the age of the car minus five.

Environmental factor depends on the car’s environmental standards:

Euro 2 and below 4;

Euro-3 – 3;

Euro-4 – 2;

Euro-5 – 1,5;

Euro 6 and above – 1.

For example, if a gasoline engine 2200 cm3, and he went the sixth year from the date of production. The first five years, the owner of the car can pay nothing, and come sixth, he’s coming payment system from the fiscal services in the amount of 660 USD. And every year the figure will be higher. So, on the seventh year it will be 1320 UAH. And the car on diesel with even a large engine will become completely unprofitable. For example, ten cars with an engine capacity of 3000 cm3 will cost the owner in 9000 hryvnias annually. With the engine of 1000 cm3 – 3000.

We will remind, earlier in the capital for the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine began to gather car owners on avtonomera. The reason for the gathering of activists was the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, which will make changes to two of the draft law No. 8487, No. 8488, which will allow customs clearance of their cars and reduce the tax burden on importation of used cars into the country.