United states: the debates are raging, the case will explode

États-Unis: les débats font rage, les cas explosent

États-Unis: les débats font rage, les cas explosent

The administration Trump debate in favour of the re-opening of schools in September.


July 12, 2020 22h23


United states: the debates are raging, the case will explode

Lucie Aubourg

Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON — the debate on the reopening of schools, strongly defended by Donald Trump, was still raging Sunday in the United States, a question has become highly political, as is that of wearing a mask at a time of soaring contamination in the country.

In the Face of the records of daily new infections, particularly fueled by an increase in rampant cases detected in the major States of the south of the country such as Florida or Texas, a leader of the us department of Health estimated on Sunday that a reconfinement in these areas was not excluded.

“Everything should be considered,” said Brett Giroir, assistant secretary of Health, on ABC. “We are all very concerned about the increase in the number of cases,” he said, warning them to expect that the number of hospitalizations and deaths continues to climb.

The signals are alarming, and the administration Trump remains criticized for its lack of a national strategy that leaves it up to the 50 u.s. States, the responsibility of managing the crisis.

“It is necessary that 90% of people wear a mask in public” in the most affected areas, pointed out Brett Giroir.

Donald Trump had never worn publicly mask until Saturday, when it appeared the covered face for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic in a hospital near Washington.

The american president has helped to make this the key object to curb the spread of the virus, a symbol of division, and laughing at, for example, his political opponents who are, including his rival democrat for the presidential election of 3 November, Joe Biden.

Another topic brought to the forefront by the american president: the re-opening of schools in September, which depends on the local authorities, and on which it insists for weeks.

“I urge all schools to open and provide their students with full-time courses”, said on CNN Sunday morning, the minister american Education Betsy DeVos, relaying the call of president.

“The rule should be that the children return to school in the fall”, she hammered, highlighting the catastrophic consequences of their closure for “vulnerable populations”. The possible resurgence of the virus can be “managed school-by-school”, and any approach that “uniform” would be wrong, she said, .

“If schools do not re, and do not keep their promises, they should not receive funding” federal, said on Fox News, the minister, reiterating a threat made by Donald Trump.

États-Unis: les débats font rage, les cas explosent

The Centres for prevention and disease control have recommended measures to distance physics, where the spacing of the offices of the students of two meters, as well as the breakdown of the classes in the schools.

AFP, Frederic J. Brown

“May the most high”

“They play with the health of our children”, replied the head of the democrats in Congress, Nancy Pelosi. “We all want our children return to school. […] But they must return safely.”

“Back to school represents the biggest risk for the spread of the coronavirus”, she said on CNN. “They ignore the science,” she down to the address of the government Trump.

In the Face of the current crisis situation, the recommendations of the Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC) should be “mandatory”, as she still advanced.

Regarding schools, the CDC has recommended, inter alia, of measures of distance-physical, in which the spacing of the offices of the students of two meters, as well as the breakdown of the classes.

But Donald Trump has criticized these guidelines as being “too hard”.

In an internal document of CDC that is designed to support local authorities on the subject, obtained and published by the New York Times on Sunday, the reopening of schools and universities is seen as “the risk of the most high” for the virus to spread.

The United States, which are far and away the country most affected in the world in absolute value, record for five days around 60 000 new cases every 24 hours, or about double the levels around the month of April, when the country was for the most part confined.

The curve of the number of dead, if it does not follow the same exponential trajectory, has also started to climb back up.

The latest projections by the official health authorities estimate that the number of deaths could reach 160, 000 by the 1st of August. The COVID-19 has done more than 135 000 deaths in the United States at the present time.

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