Unsolved murder of the couple Serving-Valley: 25 years later, the grief still so bright

Meurtre non résolu du couple Servant-Vallée: 25 ans plus tard, le chagrin toujours aussi vif

Meurtre non résolu du couple Servant-Vallée: 25 ans plus tard, le chagrin toujours aussi vif

Claudette Serving and Victorian Valley have been murdered 25 years ago. The murder has still not been resolved.


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Unsolved murder of the couple Serving-Valley: 25 years later, the grief still so bright

Meurtre non résolu du couple Servant-Vallée: 25 ans plus tard, le chagrin toujours aussi vif

Meurtre non résolu du couple Servant-Vallée: 25 ans plus tard, le chagrin toujours aussi vif

Johanne Fournier

Special Collaboration

For Johanne Vallée, the pain is still as lively, 25 years after the murder of her parents, Claudette, Used and Victorian Valley. His grief is all the more difficult to do, since this crime occurred in the area of Turret to Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Haute-Gaspésie, remained unpunished. Powerful testimony of the eldest of the three children of the couple who said to be post-traumatic shock from the may 29, 1995, the first day of this sordid story.

For Johanne Valley, this event is like a wound that has never closed, even after a quarter of a century. “It doesn’t change. This week, I had a choke in the throat. I knew the day was coming, and I dreaded because it is really sad. It feels wrong. It’s been a week and more that I do have anxiety attacks and that I lack of air. It has destroyed my whole life because I too had trouble, I have out too, I too cried and I’m still crying. This is not an easy life to live! It is a life that must be managed, despite the difficulties, to have a normal life through it all.”

As a consolation, the woman who is now 59-years-old appreciate the small joys of life which, through his grief that never lessened with time, arise to the occasion. “My parents make us live with beautiful things, even if they are dead, she believes. They have special permission to be there to help us and to make us experience things that no person could live apart from the rest of us.” For example, Mrs. Valley tells the story of his niece Claudia, who, to mark this sad anniversary, has bought roses for his mother, Manon. Without knowing it, she placed the flowers in a teapot that had belonged to her grandparents that she had not known, being born two years after their death. “My sister, when she saw it, she cried, said Johanne Vallée. We always had things like this: small pleasures through our misfortune.” The most beautiful moments are those that she lives with her grandchildren. “My grandchildren keep me alive!”


All these little joys fail, however, to mitigate the anger that Johanne Valley feels. “I am revolt because they do not rest in peace even today, and nor will I,” she says, voice strangled by emotion. It kills me slowly, because it hurt, what has been experienced, and it is always forced to relive the same thing. All the time, it is sure that one has the money, and then we cry. After 25 years, it is also hard. It is as if it was the first year that we went without our parents. I saw it the same and my sister saw it as well.”

The fifty-year-old believes that if the murderers were finally arrested, it would feel much more resilient. “I would go to the cemetery and I would say that my parents can rest in peace. To find the assassins, this would be the best gift that I could not have my entire life because after this, it would be finished.”

Meurtre non résolu du couple Servant-Vallée: 25 ans plus tard, le chagrin toujours aussi vif

It is in this house of the rue Champlain, in the area of Turret to Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, that would have played the drama.

Special Collaboration Johanne Fournier


Even if the author or authors of the double homicide were charged, “the misunderstanding will still be there”, according to Johanne Vallée, all the more that she says know and they are all alive. “When we know who committed these acts-there, it is even worse for the rest of us.” This is also one of the reasons why, she adds, have pushed to leave the locality where occurred the double murder. “When I’m part of the Turret, it was because I was no longer able to live at the same place as the killers, says the lady, who now lives in Rimouski. My parents are buried, but the murderers are still free.”

Johanne Vallée says not to grant any trust to the police in charge of the investigation to the Sûreté du Québec (SQ). “I’ve had so many clues that I have given to the investigators! I no longer believe in them. It hurts to know that the police can do nothing. I find it hard to live with that.” It is believed that the motive of the crime revolves around a question of money. “The only mistake that my parents were able to do in this story-there, it is to pay the sub.”

Publication of a book

Johanne Vallée has written a book entitled My life, my hell, released on 28 November 2017, the day of the wedding anniversary of his parents. If his book has not had the echoes expected, it has at least had a cathartic effect. Besides the history of his life which followed the murder of her parents, she was able, for the first time, reveal the sexual abuse she had suffered when she was a child. “I filed a complaint and 50 years later, I’ve managed to do to condemn someone. It proves that I was right, that I wasn’t crazy!”

Even if the hope of finding the murderers of his parents fades with time, Johanne Valley continues to believe that one day of languages is délieront. She is convinced that some people know something, but that the threats force them to silence. “When one has a heart, it seems to me that it should be evil to live with what you have done wrong in our lives!” If this day comes, Mrs. Valley will be able to finish his second book, which will allow him “to put an end, to close the loop”.

The mystery plane

On the morning of may 29, 1995, Claudette, Used and Victorian Valley, a couple without history of the area of Turret, in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, are missing. The frame of the back door of their house was forced. Traces of blood and the glasses broken Mr. Valley demonstrate a certain violence. His wallet is on the scene, with its contents. The car of the couple is no longer in the garage, the large door is open.

The SQ request the assistance of the public to assist in his research. The same day, about dinner-time, the self is found in a path little frequented, near the fishing harbour of the place. It is empty. The trunk is bathed in blood.

A month later, young fisherman saw the body of the woman and the man lying in the creek Valley, located in Cap-au-Renard, 19 km of their residence. The bodies were reportedly thrown from a bridge over the water course. In his autopsy report, the coroner Benoit Parrot revealed that they died of bullets fired at the head.

Any person who believes to possess information related to this case is asked to call confidential at 1 800 659-4264 or consult www.crimesnonresolus.com

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